Advance Imaging Facility

Since 2008 the AIF organizes workshops which are open to external participants.


Since 2010 the AIF organizes one day workshops for ImageJ. The format is a one day basic workshop about ImageJ/FIJI followed by a one day workshop looking at automations using macros in imageJ/FIJI. During this second workshop the participants will learn the basics of writing macro code for ImageJ/FIJI

ImageJ is a public domain image processing and analysis program written in Java. It is freely available ( and used by many scientists all over the world. ImageJ is written by Wayne Rasband, who is a Special Volunteer at the National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. There is a very active ImageJ community and ImageJ is continuously improved. Fiji (Fiji stands for Fiji is Just ImageJ) is a distribution of ImageJ focussed on 3D image reconstruction and analysis. The 'feel' and working of Fiji is as in ImageJ. During these two one day workshops we will look how we can use ImageJ and Fiji to analyse our images.

For program of these workshops see: ImageJ/FIJI workshops.

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