Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Most people using antibodies use mouse monoclonal antibodies (MMAb) or polyclonal antibodies. Recently, several companies have started producing rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RabMAb). Published results suggest that these RabMAb offer an increased sensitivity with no apparent loss of specificity. These antibodies can often be used in a higher dilutions compared with MMAb. Obviously RabMAb can also be used to detect proteins in mice cells, one of the main animal models.

Literature links:

J.G. Vilches-Moure, J.A. Ramos-Vara 2005 Comparison of rabbit monoclonal and mouse monoclonal antibodies in immunohistochemistry in canine tissues. J Vet Diagn Invest 17:346–350.
R. Rocha et. al 2008 Rabbit monoclonal antibodies show higher sensitivity than mouse monoclonals for estrogen and progesterone receptor evaluation in breast cancer by immunohistochemistry. Pathology – Research and Practice 204: 655–662.

Companies I found selling Rabbit monoclonal antibodies in alphabetic order (updated February 2014):
Biocare Medical
Bio SB
Cal Bioreagents
Cell Signaling Technology
Cell Marque
Insight Biotechnology
Life Technologies
Merck Millipore
Novus Biologicals
Sino Biological
Spring Bioscience
Thermo Scientific

Please let me know if you find other companies selling RabMAb.

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