Additional rules have been introduced to work in the AIF during the COVID-19 closure.

Safety App

Consider installing the SafeZone safety app, supported by the University of Leicester on your phone if you work in one of the microscope rooms in the AIF. We often work alone in a microscope room, sometimes out of office hours and this app can be used when you need to contact security, need emergency help or feel threatened.

Display screen equipment (DSE)

When working in the AIF you will make use of DSE, so the same rules as for when you work at your desk should apply when you work on a microscope computer or on an image analysis station. For more information visit the University's DSE website.

Safety documents

Below a list of safety documents for the AIF:
AIF risk assessment
Display screen equipment (DSE) guidance
Laser safety for confocal laser microscopes
Mercury bulb safety

5% CO2 balance air cylinders
Leica immersion oil
Olympus immersion oil

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