Data storage

All users of the AIF can request access to the Research File Storage. To organise an account within the AIF environment on the server contact Dr Kees Straatman (krs5) who will contact IT-Services to generate a new account within the AIF environment. Accounts are set-up by Priciple Investigator.

How to use the data server

This system is to store data (raw and analysed) obtained using one of the microscope systems in the AIF. However, this is NOT storage for other/general research data. You can access your data from any computer in the world with internet access.  Download the PDF file to see how to connect to the server or how to recover data. For more information please visit:

Advise is to store data during your imaging session on the PC/MAC HD and move data to the data server after you have finished the experiment, this to avoid loss of data if the data server slowes down or connection is lost during your experiment.

Automatic Back-ups

There are two synchronized copies of the data between identical disk systems at two different data centres in different University buildings. This guarantees that there is an automatic failover to the other copy in case of a failure of a data centre (power, fire etc.). Changes to data on the data server are backed-up nightly (so third copy of the data) and stored at a third location. Users can recover lost data up to 28 days by themselves. At the moment there is not a continues recovery possible. The computer centre makes occasionally snapshots of the whole system for recovery passed 28 days.

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