Movie of blinking Qdot 655 imaged on the Olympus Cell^R system using an Hamamatsu ORCA-AG CCD camera. Left the raw data, right after deconvolution using Huygens Essential deconvolution software (SVI). Dr. Kees Straatman.

Movie Description
Channel 4 Food Hospital 2 episode 3; 15 Nov 2011. Dr Pixie McKenna meets Dr Lynne Howells from Leicester University to look into claims that a spice used in our favourite curries, turmeric, may become an important weapon in the fight against bowel cancer. Wound assay results are shown during the interview obtained in the AIF by Dr Kees Straatman using a Nikon Eclipse Ti-E microscope.

3D reconstruction of a centrosome imaged on the Leica TCS SP5. The cell is a CHO cell stably expressing centrin1-GFP (green) and labeled with gamma-tubulin (red). After deconvolution using Huygens Essential (SVI) the centrosome was reconstructed using Volocity (PerkinElmer). Imaged by Dr. Suzy Prosser. 3D reconstruction in collaboration with Dr. Kees Straatman. Project Prof Andrew Fry

Live imaging of fission yeast cells taken by Olivia Abrantes Im (MSc student Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology) on the Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope. Location of the centrosome of chrosomose II is visualized using GFP and  α-tubulin is labeled with mCherry. 17 images along the Z-axis spanning the entire thickness of the cells (0.47 µm interval) were taken every 1 minute for 10 minutes. Images were deconvolved with Huygens Essential (Scientific Volume Imaging). Z-projections of the deconvolved images at each time point were assembled to generate the movie. Project Dr. Kayoko Tanaka

Maximum intensity projection of a fission yeast cell expressing Lifeact-GFP to visualize F-actin and mCherry-alpha-tubulin. The cell is at the transition of G2/M-phase at the start and goes into M-phase. We can see that the thick spindle microtubule bundle is formed. It is followed by the actin ring formation which defines the future cytokinesis site. Image taken on the Nikon Eclipse Ti-E system equipped with LEDs, followed by deconvolution using Huygens Essential software. Project Dr. Kayoko Tanaka.

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