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Leica Confocal SP5 (HWB); Phase correction X = -29.80.

  Nikon Confocal C1si (RKCSB)
  Nikon microscope 1 (HWB)
  Nikon microscope 2 Has been moved to EM facility Adrian Building
  Nikon microscope 3 (LED/Screening) (MSB); Computer is very slow.
  Nikon microscope 4 (HWB). 
  Olympus Scan^R/Cell^R (Adrian Building)
  Olympus confocal FV1000 (Adrian Building); Please remove data from computer. A new computer will be installed after Easter!
  Olympus Cyto-system (Adrian Building)
  Olympus LV 200 bioluminescence imaging system (MSB)
PerkinElmer Vectra Polaris slide scanner (RKCSB)
VisiTech-Infinity3 confocal imaging system (HWB)
  Zeiss Multi-photon microscope (MSB)

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3. Add to the list as mentioned under 2.
4. Try a different computer.
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