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5. Try a different computer.
6. Use different browser (try for example FireFox).

 To book a microscope follow this link.

The Imaris package has been moved from the Imaris computer to the ScanR computer (25 November 2014). Therefore, the Imaris computer has been renamed ImageJ and the ScanR computer has been renamed Imaris!

Analysis computerDescription
Deconvolution  Deconvolution computer (Adrian Building, room G1)
ImageJ  Image analysis computer (Adrian Building, room G1)
Imaris ScanR and 3D reconstruction computer (Adrian Building, room G1)
SURF Analysis computer (HWB)
NikonComputer1 Nikon computer (HWB, room 3/51)
NikonComputer2 Nikon analysis 2 (RKCSB, room 229)
Volocity 3D Reconstruction computer (HWB, room 3/51)

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