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 Advance Imaging Facility
The purpose of the AIF is to provide researchers and students with advanced imaging equipment and image analysis software for their research. A modest fee is charged (were possible) for use of the facility to cover maintenance contracts and consumables. The facility is spread over several main2.jpglocations within the college.

In most cases the facility staff will train you to operate the equipment yourself. In some cases we will operate the microscope for you, for example if imaging is only required for a small number of samples. Alternatively, research collaborations are also possible. We can support with troubleshooting, give advice for experimental design, give advice for grant applications and give support and advice for image analysis.

The facility has extensive experience in the use of ImageJ/Fiji as well as commercial image  processing, visualization and analysis software packages. Image analysis computers can be found in HWB, Adrian Building and RKCSB. 

Please contact Dr. Kees Straatman for further information.

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