Rules for use of the Advanced Imaging Facility. Updated 6 June 2016.

Additional rules have been introduced for work in the AIF during the COVID-19 closure

Nobody is allowed to use a microscope without training by a member of the AIF.
All users have to complete a user form.
If you work with live samples requiring containment level 2 you or your PI has to submit an AIF biosafety form.
No food and drinks in the microscope rooms.
If you have booked a microscope but are not going to use it, delete your booking, so others can use this slot.
Don't install any software or make any changes to the computers within AIF. If special software is required contact Dr Kees Straatman (krs5).

If you use wet samples on the microscope you must be alert for spills on the stage, objectives, microscope table etc. Spills must be cleaned up immediately!

Only use oil on an objective that is meant to be used with oil!!
Only use the provided lens tissue to clean objectives. Don't use lens tissue to clean oil from your slide!
The bins provided in the microscope rooms are NOT for lab waste (with exception of the microscope room in the RKCSB). Please take lab waste, like gloves, pipette tips and eppendorf tubes back with you and dispose of these in your own lab.
After you have finished using the microscope check who is next, using the online calendar, and contact this person. The last user of the day is responsible for switching off the microscope.
Remove your samples from the microscope if you are finished. Don't leave them in the microscope room but take them back to the lab.
Don't use the imaging computers or the analysis computers for data storage. As soon as you have analyzed your images remove them from the systems. You are responsible for storage and backup of your data. If you need an account on the Research Data Storage server (R-drive), contact Dr Kees Straatman (krs5).

If you publish work supported by the AIF, e.g. by using one or more of our microscopes or support for image or data analysis, it is obligatory to include a sentence in the acknowledgement in addition to any personal acknowledgement. For example:

We thank the Advanced Imaging Facility at the University of Leicester for their support.

Any publication supported by the AIF has to be reported.
If you are not sure about something or encounter problems contact Dr Kees Straatman (krs5).

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