Typhoon Trio+

Location: HWB 3/32

Please don't forget to sign the log book when you use this system!

There is no booking system for the Typhoon.

The typhoon Trio+ can be used for storage phosphor autoradiography and fluorescent labeling techniques, including chemiluminescence. Typically, storage phosphor screen exposure takes 10% of
the time for an equivalent exposure to conventional film. For fluorescence the concentration measurable is claimed to be in the 0.2 fmol range. The system is equipped with 3 lasers:
. 488 nm blue laser (This laser is down at the moment and might not get replaced!)
. 532 nm green laser
. 633 nm red laser

and 6 different emmision filters (+examples of fluorochromes):
. 520BP40 (FITC, Cy2, SYBR Green, Alexa488, ECL Plus)
. 555BP20 (R6G, HEX, Alexa532)
. 580BP30 (Cy3, TAMRA, Alexa546)
. 610BP30(ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Deep Purple)
. 670BP30 (Cy5, Alexa633)
. 526SP

Additional information about the system can be found here.

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