Go-to guide for putting on your own event within the College

How can we help? ( Please also see the University Corporate Events toolkit, which has detailed advice on how to plan an event:


Local Contact Details


Processes (in a nutshell)

Types of Events



Local contact details










Inform the porters of any event taking place, regardless of whether you need their assistance. For other zones, see here.

Building Safety Officer

Richard Yates



Maintenance including help with power

Carl Greasley


Power can also be found on the event square or the FJB lawn

AVS (includes PA systems and microphones)



Poster boards / pavement signs

Comms and Engagement team


We have our own we can let you borrow




Colin Brooks


Additional charges apply - £60 per hour (includes VAT)


Laurence Perkins


Inform security of ANY event taking place


Contact Laurence directly ( for large-scale events, or events across the University. Usually it is useful to set up a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Car parking in working hours after 5pm



Parking is available in most car-parks after 5pm.


No parking on campus in the daytime – direct to Victoria Park or other pay and display parking – see map.


For all Design, print, social media, comms. press releases, etc. contact External Relations

223 1756

Charge-codes and financial help (including setting up a company for payment)


For overall College: Julie Clayton or Chris Trafford


Please contact your own departmental financial advisor first


Smarter-purchasing will also help if you have had training.

Credit card (one-off purchases)


Rachel Fairman (



Catering or order online:


*contact catering directly rather than ordering online if you want to order more than 50 of an item, order wine, or for more complex events/needs/locations.


Also contact them directly if you need to order out of hours







Things to consider when planning your event:

  • Allow at least a three month lead time to plan your event
  • Why are you holding the event?  Would another format work better?
  • What are the main objectives of the event?
  • Who are your target audience(s)?*

**When considering the audience, decide whether your event will be open to the public.

If so, liaise with public engagement team to carry forward and include the information in your design brief. Public lectures should be of accessibly style and content.

  • How many people will attend?
  • What sort of venue do you need?  Lecture theatre, flat space, outdoor space, auditorium etc.
  • Will you go through conferencing? Particularly relevant if booking College Court or the Oadby Village (
  • When is the best time to hold your event?  Check University events Key Dates Calendar and the College events calendar CLSevents to see if there are any clashes
  • Who is funding the event?  Will you be charging a fee to attend? Do you need a cost-code?
  • Will you need help during the event itself? Ask other members of staff, or ask for a student ambassador or hire through UNITEMPS.


Don’t forget:

Risk Assessments/Prevent

Marketing and Publicity

Campus Services (porters, security, parking)



Booking a venue

Invitations and Ticketing


Resources available to borrow


Process for events in a Nutshell (detailed information below)


  • Set date and time
  • Book venue
  • Events details (EG titles/synopsis/biography for lecture; objectives for workshops/dinners)
  • Brief your project to ERD (EG Create posters and digital slides, invitations, press release, social media, alumni communication, anything at all to do with your event)
  • Advertise
  • Dietary requirements / mobility requirements
  • Parking
  • Tell porters / cleaners / security , incl. any room set up, help with equipment, swipe access, parking etc.
  • Submit details online
  • Book AV if needed
  • Book  catering if needed
  • Create event page like Eventbrite to collate RSVPs
  • Briefing documents, programmes and schedules
  • If your event involves children, please make sure the porters are aware to allow them into the buildings. Will need to ascertain permissions about photography, ensure DRB checks are done where necessary.
  • Poster to event contacts (see Danni for list) – covers the College, students, University, NHS Trusts (need j-peg of poster), Attenborough Arts, Library.
  • Put up posters in your area (EG College area is MSB ground floor corridor/IV cafe)
  • Slide for digital screen to Nick Court –; slide needs to be 1140 x 820px
  • Submit to Danni (dmrbp1) for our events page:
  • Submit to Lisa Witherington (lmb24) for weekly circular to College (by 12pm on the Friday beforehand)  - research events only
  • Submit to main University website:
  • Do ERD request to submit to Press Office
  • Do ERD request to request that the Alumni office send to medical (relevant) alumni *
  • Invite College events calendar to event so that it goes into the CLS events diary  – clsevents
  • Put on Yammer
  • * these ERD requests can all be done on one submission
  • * if unsure, please contact Bijal Bhagwan on
  • Ask Highcross to advertise larger events / have flyers
  • Request Leicester City Council add event to ‘what’s on’ guide:
  • Use this company for flyering/giving out posters and leaflets:
  • To include in INSIDER or on internal pages:
  • News to submit for the University website

Process for Advertising in a Nutshell


Types of Events


Public Lecture

Choose date and time and confirm with speaker and other significant attendees (EG Head of College, VC etc.)


Book venue and atrium and confirm with speaker


Need title, synopsis, biography and photo from speaker


Create posters (using the above)

ERD request to D&P to adhere to University brand. Bijal Bhagwan for help – bnzb1

Send posters to departments, across the University, UHL, LPT, and other relevant contacts.

Contact Danni Benyon-Payne (dmrbp1) for appropriate contact list

Create invitations

Print services will help with standard format

Send invitations to key staff (ULT, Heads of Department, etc.)


Send invitations to other relevant parties


Remember to chase RSVPs up – look out for individuals who often need to be chased. Danni can advise.


Dietary requirements and mobility requirements for receptions


Organise catering (incl. water and glass for speaker for lectern)

Inform porters


Inform security * (

*NB – if the event is HWB, you will need a member of security at the gate to swipe entry if event is after 4pm

Book parking if after hours (if in-hours, direct guests to public parking)

If after 5pm, just tell security


If in working hours, you will only be able to book single spaces for the speaker or VIP guests.

Book technician/AV help if required

Set up an online registration form (IT can help) or an Eventbrite page

IT services or

Inform press office through ERD request


Ask for digital screen image through ERD request – send it to Jitin Liladhar or Nick Court

Digital screen: Must be a PowerPoint A4 slide landscape saved as a .png

slides 1140 x 820px


Submit RSVP list to security and porters once registration has closed


Request a copy of the presentation beforehand to be uploaded or arrange for speaker to meet with technician beforehand to practice


Write any schedules/briefing documents relevant to the speaker or those introducing





Choose date and time


Book venue – decide on and book venue

Agree format  - is it a dinner, a high quality reception, informal buffet, conference style meeting etc.


Create posters (using the above) / other marketing tools

ERD request to D&P to adhere to University brand. Bijal Bhagwan for help – bnzb1

Send posters to relevant contacts.

Contact Danni Benyon-Payne (dmrbp1) for contact list

Create invitations (specify how it will be used – digital or printed, as there are different versions for both)

Print services will help with standard format

Send invitations to relevant contacts


Remember to chase RSVPs up – look out for repeat ‘offenders’ like Roger Bettles who always forget to RSVP.


Dietary requirements and mobility requirements


Do you require catering? What catering depends on format of event. (University campus) – or ask your conference assistant if booking College Court or Stamford Court

Inform porters/security if necessary (EG if out of hours)


Book technician/AV help if required

Check with the venue if they have their own

Will you need microphones?


Set up an online registration form (IT can help) or an Eventbrite page

IT services or

Write programme, identify speakers, keynote, etc. – advertise this.


Arrange accommodation if required


Arrange taxi transfers if required


If it’s a dinner – do a table plan, place cards, design menu cards if necessary


Create delegate badges and registration list



Outdoor events

To book an outdoor space (Event Square, Fielding Johnson lawn or the library plaza)

Book via the Corporate Events Team:

For events which involve hiring of equipment or booking the space for external organisations, discuss requirements with the University Insurance Office

Sue Banbury (Insurance Manager):

Catering options must be given to Here 4 U first – ask them if they would like to be involved.

If not, you may approach other vendors. There are power supplies on the event square and lawn.

Try for external caterers/mobile vans and other event requirements

Report use of FJB lawn to Geoff Sadler (Gardens Manager)

Inform security, particularly if any vehicles are entering the site

Laurence Perkins:

Discuss any portering requirements, especially re picking up litter

Sharon Bassett:

Always chase for confirmation.

Discuss any power supply arrangements with maintenance

Don’t forget your risk assessment!

Danni can advise. Guidance from the University Safety Services web pages.


After the main event is over, there are still a few tasks that need to be done to finish off your event management.

  • Remember to thank the speaker(s), chair and any other key people, those involved in helping with set-up and any volunteers.
  • Evaluating your event can easily be overlooked, but this is an essential element of the process.  Think early on about what information you need to gather from your attendees in order to evaluate the event.
  • Event evaluation can be done in a variety of ways and you should decide on the most suitable format for your event. Sometimes a paper form could be used, or even a 'feedback wall' at the event, or an online survey.
  • If this was a public event, make a note of who came as members of the public; feedback to public engagement team




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