Tuesday 29 January: Inaugural Lecture by Professor Elaine Boyle titled 'Not quite ready for the big, wide world: the challenges of moderate-late prematurity'

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Part of the College of Life Sciences Inaugural Lecture series

On Tuesday 29 January 2019, Professor Elaine Boyle, Professor in Neonatal Medicine within the Department of Health Sciences, gave her lecture entitled:

'Not quite ready for the big, wide world: the challenges of moderate-late prematurity'


Most research studies in premature babies have looked at the tiniest babies, born more than eight weeks early. However, more than three quarters of all premature babies are born just four to eight weeks before their due date. Although these babies are born closer to full term, they are still not fully mature. Few studies have focused on them and they have sometimes been called “ the forgotten babies”. This talk discussed what we now know about these babies, what we still need to learn, and considered how we might work to optimise their outcomes.


Elaine is  Professor of Neonatal Medicine at the University of Leicester and Honorary Consultant Neonatologist at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Her time is divided between research and clinical work on the Neonatal Unit. Elaine initially trained and worked as a nurse for a number of years before changing direction to study medicine at the University of Sheffield. She qualified as a doctor in 1993 and completed postgraduate training in paediatrics in Sheffield and Birmingham. Before taking up her post in Leicester in 2006, she trained in academic neonatal medicine in Edinburgh and at McMaster University in Canada.

Elaine’s research has focused on three main areas: the assessment and management of pain in newborn babies; milk feeding in premature babies; and the effects of premature birth on infant and childhood outcomes. Her most recent research has focused on babies born between two and eight weeks before their due date, and she was the lead for the Late And Moderately preterm Birth Study (LAMBS), one of the first large studies in these babies.

Elaine’s other roles include Children’s Specialty Lead for the East Midlands Clinical Research Network, Editor-in-Chief for the journal ‘Paediatric and Neonatal Pain’, Editorial Board member for ‘Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine’ and current Chair of the International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology.

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