Tuesday 11 June: Inaugural Lecture by Professor Noelle Robertson: ‘Snowflakes in June? Reflecting on stress, resilience and public service’

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Part of the College of Life Sciences Inaugural Lecture series 2018-19

This lecture will be held at 5.30pm on Tuesday 11 June in the Chetwode Lecture Theatre, George Davies Centre.


Professor Noelle Robertson is Programme Director for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leicester. A graduate of the Universities of Aberdeen and Sheffield, she is a chartered clinical and health psychologist, and Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Her career as teacher, clinician, NHS manager and researcher has centred on development of translational programmes improving psychological care for those at risk of or living with long-term conditions, via direct patient interventions, or through modifying health-professional behaviour. Health professional change is not a rational process so her work has also sought to examine and address emotional as well as cognitive factors underpinning behaviour change, with a particular focus on staff distress and resilience.



Media reports would suggest that work-related distress for those employed in the public sector has never been higher. Indeed, it is well-evidenced that staff who are regularly exposed to acute, potentially traumatic crises find such experiences challenging, and that their physical and mental health may be adversely affected long after their immediate exposure has ceased. Thankfully, the last fifteen years has witnessed increasing political focus on the necessity of attending to mental health in the public sector workforce, both to develop and sustain mentally healthy workplaces and ensure quality and safety. Growing numbers of initiatives appear to attest to this, particularly directed at front line staff where the potentially challenging nature of their work is most obvious. But what of inadvertent distress which is not anticipated? This talk will be a personal reflection on how psychological distress and resilience might be manifest in public service and consider the challenge for organisations as they grapple with impacts of sustained austerity.

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