26 February 2018 : Professor John Maltby

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Part of the 2017-18 Inaugural Lecture series

Professor John Maltby, Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour, gave a lecture titled: ‘The Psychology of Everyday Resilience’ on Tuesday 27 February 2018.

This was held in the Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre in the Henry Wellcome Building.

Lecture Synopsis

The term resilience is used often, both in academia and everyday life. The lecture explores, that when it comes to defining what psychological resilience is, there are many and varied explanations. This leads to the problem of how to best to think and apply psychological resilience. The lecture explored how a simple model of resilience, used in another discipline, might work very well to solve the current problem in psychology. The lecture also discussed that by taking this approach, we have been able to develop our thinking about psychological resilience, demonstrating that certain types of resilience are more suited to certain everyday outcomes.



John Maltby is a Professor of Differential Psychology in the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour at the University of Leicester. He holds a BSc and PhD in psychology, both awarded by the University of Ulster. He has over 200 publications and in 2010 received the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology Education. Currently his research focusses on the accurate measurement of resilience factors and their importance in well-being.

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