21 Feb: 'Brain puzzles: understanding neurodegenerative diseases' by Professor Flaviano Giorgini

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Part of the Professorial Inaugural Lecture series

Professor Flaviano Giorgini, Genetics

This lecture was held on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 5.30pm, LT1 and Atrium, Centre for Medicine.



Neurodegenerative diseases are incurable disorders in which progressive death of specific nerve cells occurs, often within the brain. These devastating conditions – such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases – are increasing in incidence because of our ageing population, and therefore represent an enormous challenge for our healthcare system. Many of these disorders have a significant genetic component that can cause, increase susceptibility to, or alter onset of disease. Professor Giorgini’s talk focussed on his use of genetic tools to better understand the mechanisms underlying these disorders and his progress in identifying potential therapeutic strategies.


Flaviano Giorgini is a native of Indiana (USA) and pursued a BSc degree in Biological Sciences (with an emphasis in Genetics) at Purdue University. He obtained a MA degree in Molecular Genetics at Washington University in Saint Louis and a PhD in Genetics at the University of Washington in Seattle. His interest in neurodegeneration research began as a Senior Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology (University of Washington). His work during this time, combined with his background in genetics and model organism biology, formed the basis for his current research in neurogenetics at the University of Leicester. He started as a Lecturer in the Department of Genetics in 2006, was promoted to Reader in Neurogenetics in 2012, and has been Professor of Neurogenetics since 2015.



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