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8-10 Nov 2012

Annual Conference at the Institute for East European History, Vienna

Homogenising South-Eastern Europe: Balkan Wars, Ethnic Cleansing and Postwar Ethnic Engineering since 1912


22-23 September 2011

'A Contextual View of Genocidal Intent'
International and interdisciplinary conference on Genocidal intent, hosted in collaboration with the School of Law.
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23-24 September 2010   International and Interdisciplinary Conference: A Contextual View of Holocaust and Genocide Denial.
Organised by the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies/School of Historical Studies and the School of Law, University of Leicester (funded by the Interdisciplinary Research Fund, School of Historical Studies). 
11-12 May 2010

Fifth Aubrey Newman Lecutre and Colloquium: Keynote Lecture: Prof Alon Confino (University of Virginia, USA)
Space and Memory in the Third Reich, 11 May 2010, University of Leicester, Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3.
Colloquium: Space, Identity and National Socialism, 12 May 2010, Loughborough University.

5-6 May 2009

Colloquium: Britain and the Holocaust – Remembering and Representing War & Genocide: The Impact of WWII & the Holocaust on Today’s Britain
Fourth Aubrey Newman Annual Lecutre: Prof. Dan Stone (Royal Holloway): From Stockholm to Stockton - The Holocaust and/as Heritage in Britain.

6 May 2008 Third Aubrey Newman Annual Lecture: Prof. Griselda Pollock (Director of the Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory, and History, University of Leeds) spoke about After-image/After-affect. The Politics and Aesthetic Solace in the Encounter with Unbearable Knowledge.
8-9 May 2007

History and Memory after the Holocaust in Germany, Poland, Russia, and Britain.
Second Aubrey Newman Annual Lecture
: Prof. Robert G. Moeller (University of California, Irvine) (poster);
Speakers: Norbert Frei, Barbara Toernquist Plewa, Jacek Leociak, Bill Niven, Ewa Ochman, Robert Eaglestone, Mark Donnelly, Maria Biletskaya, Tatiana Weiser, Natalia Darsavelidze, Zoe Knox, Mark Rawlinson, Victoria Stewart, and others and others. 

9 May 2006

Perpetrators of the Holocaust and other Genocides.
Inaugural Aubrey Newman Lecture:
Prof. Harald Welzer (CMR Essen, Germany)
Speakers: Dr. Donald Bloxham (University of Edinburgh); Dr. jur. Gerd Hankel (Hamburg Institute for Social Research, Germany); Prof. Richard Overy (University of Exeter); Dr. Alexandra Przyrembel (University of Goettingen, Germany); Prof. James Waller (Whitworth College, Spokane, USA).

10-14 April 2005 Sixty Years On: How the Holocaust Looks Now
Published as Martin Davies and Chris Szejnmann (eds.), How the Holocaust Looks Now. International Perspectives (Palgrave Macmillan, (2007).

For more information about Lectures at the Stanley Burton Centre please see information about our Aubrey Newman Lecture Series

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Christina Winkler launches our new exhibition "The Forgotten. The Holocaust in Rostov/Don" 12 August - 8 October 2017

Our very own Luca Fenoglio was awarded the Premio Spadolini Nuova Antologia prize for his research the Italian government's approach towards non-Italian Jews in occupied France. Congrats!

Aubrey Newman Lectures 7 November