Aubrey Newman Lecture Series

The annual Aubrey Newman Lecture Series was initiated in 2006 to honour Professor Aubrey Newman, founder of the Stanley Burton Centre in 1992.

Aubrey Newman Lecture Series:

DatePrevious Aubrey Newman Lecture Series
7 Nov 2017 Dr Joanna Beata Michlic (UCL), ‘What We Do Not Talk About: Jewish Survivors and their Rescuers in Poland during the Holocaust’ takes place at 5.30pm, Ken Edwards ground floor, Lecture Theatre 2. See poster.
26 January 2015 Prof. Christopher Browning (University of North Carolina): 'Why did they kill? Revisiting the Holocaust Perpetrators', 6.00pm-7.00pm, Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Henry Wellcome Building (the event is free of charge). See poster.
14 May 2014 Dr Shulamith Behr (Honorary Research Fellow, Courtauld Institute of Art, London): 'The Expressionist Ludwig Meidner: Exile, Creativity and Holocaust Awareness', 5.30pm-6.30pm, New Walk Museum, Leicester (the event is free of charge). See poster.
8 May 2013 Professor Robert Gordon (Cambridge): 'Grey Zones and Good Italians: The Holocaust and National Character', 5.30pm, Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3. See poster.
21 September 2011 Professor William A. Schabas (University of Middlesex)
'Proving Genocidal Intent: Is it Really so Difficult?'
Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3, 17.30-18.30. The lecture is free and open to the public.
See poster.
11 May 2010 Prof. Alon Confino (University of Virginia, USA)
Space and Memory in the Third Reich
5 May 2009 Prof. Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, University of London)
From Stockhollm to Stockton - The Holocaust and/as Heritage in Britain
6 May 2008 Prof. Griselda Pollock (Director of the Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory, and History, University of Leeds)
After-image/After-affect. The Politics and Aesthetic Solace in the Encounter with Unbearable Knowledge.
8 May 2007 Prof. Robert G. Moeller (University of California, Irvine)
Berlin, 2005-1945: Back to the Future?
8 May 2006 Prof. Harald Welzer (Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Memory Research in Essen/Germany)
Perpetrators. How do ordinary people become mass murders?

Past Public Lectures

In addition to providing undergraduate and postgraduate teaching on the Holocaust to the School of Historical Studies the Centre provides lectures and programmes to the community at large. Professor Newman has given public lectures as well as speaking to secondary schools and 'In-Service' programmes for teachers locally and nationally, in association with Beth Shalom (Laxton) and the Holocaust Education Trust.

Lectures given or written by staff of the Stanley Burton Centre are available online:

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