Director: Professor Alexander Gorban

Industrial Contacts: Professor Jeremy Levesley

Computing Committee: Dr Simon Gill

Visual Intelligence Lab: Dr Ivan Tyukin, Dr Katrin Leschke 

Research Associate: Dr Evgeny Mirkes

Research Assistant: Dr Ayodeij Akinduko


Affiliated Members

Professor Nikolai Brilliantov (Department of Mathematics)

Professor Ruslan Davidchack (Department of Mathematics)

Professor Hongbiao Dong (Department of Engineering)

Professor Manolis Georgoulis (Department of Mathematics)

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison (Department of Biology)

Professor Jeremy Levesley (Department of Mathematics)

Professor Edward J Louis (The Centre for Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits -GACT)

Professor Jingzhe Pan (Department of Engineering)

Professor Sergei Petrovskii (Department of Mathematics)

Dr Aldo Rona (Department of Engineering)

Dr Csaba Sinka (Department of Engineering)

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