Oncoming Events

International conference
Modelling Biological Evolution 2017: Developing Novel Approaches
April 4th -7th, 2017, University of Leicester (UK)

Previous Events


International Workshop "Hilbert's Sixth Problem''
May 02-04, 2016, University of Leicester. Supported by EPSRC, LMS and IMA.

International conference
Modelling Biological Evolution 2015: Linking Mathematical Theories with Empirical Realities
April 28 - May 1, 2015, University of Leicester, UK. Supported by LMS

International conference Model reduction across disciplines
19-22 of August 2014, University of Leicester, UK

18 June, 2012, 2PM, room 119, Michael Atiyah Building.
A famous mathematician, Yuri Matiyasevich, visited us and gave a talk.
New conjectures about zeros of Riemann's zeta function

Free flow turbines and their efficiency
Research and Industry Workshop
(April 22-23, 2010, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK)

Coping with Complexity: Model Reduction and Data Analysis (in conjunction with the 6-th Conference on Algorithms for Approximation)
31 August - 4 September 2009. Supported by LMS and EPSRC.

The Mathematics of the Brain
1 - 2 September 2009

 The Enigma of Enceladus: Observation and Modeling
June 19-20 2009

 Mathematical Models of Collective Dynamics in Biology and Evolution
11-13 May 2009

 Stability and Transitions of Rotating Boundary-Layer Flows
8 May 2009

Challenges in the Study of Solidification: Theory, Experiment, Simulation
19 March 2008

2nd Leicester Colloquium on Models of Population Dynamics and Evolution
12 March 2008

Bio-Math Workshop, Mining and Meaning: Repetitive DNA in the Genomic Era
14 November 2007

Mathematics of Model Reduction
28-30 August 2007

Waves and Patterns in Models of Population Dynamics and Evolution
7 March 2007

Lattice Boltzmann at all-scales: from turbulence to DNA translation
15 November 2006

Principal manifolds for data cartography and dimension reduction
24-26 August 2006

Liquid Crystals: Nature's Ingenious Design
9 May 2006

Model Reduction and Coarse-Graining for Multiscale Phenomena
24-26 August 2005

Geometry of Genome: Unravelling of Structures Hidden in Genomic Sequences 22-24 May 2005

Finite Element Methods and Applications
31 March 2005

MMC colloquium

Autumn 2004 series

Spring 2004 series

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