Leicester Microbial Sciences and Infectious Diseases Network (LeMID)

The Microbial Sciences and Infectious Diseases Network at the University of Leicester encompasses a highly active interdisciplinary cross- university research team.

 Interdisciplinary expertise from across the university and UHL NHS Trust (microbiology, genetics, structural and chemical biology, mathematical and computational biology, physics, health and social sciences, respiratory medicine, clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.

Main strategic areas

Biofilm of antibiotic resistant bacteria, closeup view. Rod-shaped and spherical bacteria. Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Klebsiella, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA

Understanding Host-Microbial Interactions

Innovative understanding of bacterial pathogenesis and transmission of human and animal pathogens to develop novel interventions and diagnostics. 

Understanding of host immunity to define therapeutic intervention for infection prevention and optimisation of vaccine responses

Exploration of host and microbe interaction at the genomic level to define markers for prediction of host susceptibility, severity of infection, or success of treatment or prevention systems

Mathematical modelling of infectious disease dynamics and host-pathogen interactions

Macrophage cell, monocyte, close-up view of immune cell, 3D illustrationBacterial Physiology and Genetics in Infectious Diseases and Food Security

Determination of the effects of the environment on infectious diseases

Evaluation of genomic traits in microorganisms, including yeasts, for safe, effective and innovative use of microorganisms in the food industry

Bacteriophage infecting bacterium, 3D illustration which shows the process of insertion DNA into bacterial cellAntimicrobial Drug Resistance and Phage Biology

Development of new alternative therapies particularly building on our world-renowned expertise in bacteriophages

Accelerated development of new therapies and diagnostics through the use of innovative ex vivo models

Development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies using alternative devices

Steering committee:

Peter Andrew, Mike Barer, Chris Bayliss, Martha Clokie, Andrea Cooper, Helen O’Hare, James Hodgkinson, Jason Hughes, David Jenkins, Julian Ketley, Jeremy Levesley, Caroline Tarrant, Russell Wallis

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Marco Oggioni

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