What is Forensic Science?


Forensic science is not a single scientific discipline, but rather it refers to the application of any science to matters of law. For most people, forensic science is synonymous with criminal investigations, but it is also used to resolve civil disputes such as paternity, product liability, negligence and insurance investigations. 

It is clear from this broad definition that forensic science is therefore the intersection between science and the criminal justice system, which requires a multidisciplinary approach to fully understand the potential applications and implications of science applied to the legal context.

Knife Crime -- The Thrust of the Matter

Stabbing is the most common way of committing murder in the UK and most other countries where guns are prohibited. However, very little work has been carried out into understanding what happens during a stabbing incident.

This video briefly touches on some of the work that we have been conducting over the past 10 years aimed at improving our knowledge of the different variables influencing the forces required for stabbing with different implements.

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