Working Group

The members of the working group are:

  • Dr Daniel Ladley, Director, Division of Finance; School of Business
    Research areas: market microstructure, regulatory mechanisms and financial economics.
  • Dr Leena Sodha, Department of Mathematics. Research areas: actuarial mathematics.
  • Dr Tomasz P Wisniewski, Deputy Director, Division of Accounting and Finance; School of Business
    Research areas: regulation of capital markets; insider trading; stock markets and political developments.
  • Dr Yukun Shi, Division of Accounting and Finance; School of Business
    Research areas: behavioural finance, market microstructure and portfolio management


Affiliated Members

Affiliated members of the The Finance Research and Industry Group are:

Division of Economics; School of Business

  • Dr Svetlana Andrianova
    Research areas: banking and financial development.
  • Professor Panicos Demetriades
    Research areas: finance and development
  • Professor Stephen Hall
    Research areas: quantitative finance and econometrics.

Department of Mathematics

  • Dr Stephen Garrett
    Research areas: application of stochastic calculus in developing interest-rate and mortality models.
  • Professor Alexander Gorban
    Research areas: mathematical modelling; time-series analysis and data mining.
  • Dr Bogdan Grechuk
    Research areas: mean deviation analysis; cooperative games.

Department of Computer Science

  • Dr Artur Boronat
    Research areas: combination of formal methods with model-driven development techniques.
  • Professor Reiko Heckel
    Research areas: graph transformation techniques and their application to system re-engineering and software evolution in general.
  • Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec
    Research areas: policy-driven and workflow-based techniques for business process modelling.

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