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July 2014

Neurones Obama

An article describing Rodriogo’s work on Concept cells has been published in the French Magazine.

Casalonga, Sabine. 2014. “Neurones Obama” Des casiers a souvenirs., Le Monde De L’Intelligence, No. 37., Jul/Aug.









Jose Carmena from the University of California, Berkeley visits the Centre and gives a seminar. See our Picture Gallery.


June 2014

Science and Engineering Stars Shine

Rodrigo and Hernan RISE Awards
Prof. Rodrigo Quian Quiroga and Dr. Hernan Rey are honoured in in a celebration at the House of Commons RISE awards reception.

Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Centre Director, and Hernan Rey have been honoured in a celebration at the House of Commons RISE AWARDS Reception.

See the video.RISE Logo

March 2014

Rodrigo recognised as one of 10 UK's most inspirational Scientists and Engineers.

February 2014

How long it takes to form a memory:

La Nacion (Argentinian Newspaper)

ABC (Spanish Newspaper)

El Mundo (Columbian Newspaper)

Folha de Sao Pablo (Brazilian Newspaper)

January 2014

A Time For Memories - Neuroscientists from the University of Leicester, in collaboration with the Department of Neurosurgery at the University California Los Angeles (UCLA), are to reveal details of how the brain determines the timing at which neurons in specific areas fire to create new memories.

December 2013

First Human Frontiers Meeting

Human Frontiers project kickoff meeting in Eilat. From left to right: Mathew Diamond, Winrich Freiwald, Haim Sompolinsky, Davide Zoccolan and Rodrigo.

November 2013

Hugo Warsaw Conf





Hugo presents 'Neuromagic:How magic helps to understand the brain' at Aspects of Neuroscience Conference at the University of Warsaw.

October 2013

Rodrigo selected in The Top 100 Argentinean Innovators by BGH.

September 2013

Ars Electronica 2013 Conference (Austria) - Festival of Digital Arts.

TOTAL RECALL - The Evolution of Memory

"Borges and Memory" - Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

FM4 Live Radio Stories

ORF2 TV - documentary about Memory

June 2013

Press Releases

April 2013

Press Releases

March 2013

Press Releases

February 2013

Press Releases

american scientist

Leicester neuroscience research hits front page of Scientific American
Science Daily (This article was reproduced in German in the magazine 'Spektrum Direct').

January 2013

Press Releases

December 2012

Press Releases

November 2012


Joaquin Navajas won the UK ICT Pioneers 2012 Competition -organized by EPSRC- in the Category "Technology Everywhere".

Press Releases

October 2012

Press Releases

August 2012

Press Releases

July 2012

Press Releases

March 2012

Press Releases

art exhibition still

February 2012

Press Releases


January 2012

Press Releases



December 2011

Press Releases

November 2011

Press Releases


exhibition picture
featured here


October 2011

Press Releases

tapa Q&A CurrBio

September 2011

Press Releases

July 2011


June 2011

Press Releases



Tapa Enie JPG

May 2011


Rodrigo presented his book (Borges y la Memoria) in the "Feria del Libro", Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Revista Ñ

- Blog Feria del Libro

-  Telam

tapa libro rodrigo

Press Releases

Mariano was a guest speaker at East Midlands Art Awards.

Noticias (Argentina)

tapa noticias 05.2011


C5N (Argentina).C5N thumb

March 2011

Press Releases

Arts Culture

February 2011


Matias obtained a 1st case EPSRC grant and we celebrated with mojitos and curry (see Lab Pics).

Channel 4 visited the lab (see Lab Pics).

Press Releases

Perfil Argentina.

Der gläserne Mensch (Ö1 - Austrian Radio), in German.

Arts and Science combine to explain the mystery of how we see art. (University of Leicester Press Office).

The work of Mariano Molina was featured in the cover of the University's annual report.

Culture 24.

Luis was interviewed by Diario Cordoba

January 2011


Carlos graduated (see Lab Pics).

December 2010


Luis Camuñas joins Neuroengineering Lab as Postdoctoral Researcher.

Carlos starts his postdoctoral fellowship in the lab.

November 2010


Carlos obtained his PhD.


October 2010


Hernan Rey joins Neuroengineering Lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Rodrigo received the prestigious Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award.


August 2010

Press Releases

Wireless chip in brain to control prosthetic limbs - The Magazine of University of Leicester

Interview - Pagina 12


July 2010


A short article in Nature about Luria's 'The mind of a mnemonist'


BBC News

Press Releases

Borges un visionario - Revista Nueva (Argentina)

Brain chips could help paralyzed patients - Daily Telegraph

Brain chips could help paralyzed - Press Association

June 2010


Together with Andy Jackson (Newcastle) and Tim Constandinou (Imperial College London) we got a large EPSRC grant (~1m) to develop a wireless chip for neuroprosthetic applications.

This has been featured in:

Daily Mail
The Engineer

Press Releases

Mariano Molina Brings a Dash of Intuition to Leading Bioengineering Research - Arte al Dia

Brain paintings - The Scientist


May 2010

Press Releases

Funes no podia pensar - El Cable (Argentina)


Carlos Pedreira got an MRC fellowship to work with human single cell recordings and neuroprosthetics. well done!

Interview in Muy Interesante


April 2010


Rodrigo gave a lecture at the Borges-Kafka Bienal in Buenos Aires.








The Bienal was featured (among others) in:
El Cronista
La Nacion
Pagina 12
Buenos Aires Goverment


March 2010


Rodrigo and Maria Kodama gave a talk about Borges and memory

When art meets neuroscience... - University of Leicester (01.03.10)

Funes no podia pensar - Universidad de Buenos Aires (30.03.10)

Press Release

Jennifer Aniston splijt hersenwetenschap - De Standaart (11.03.10)


February 2010


Iinterview in Noticias y Protagonistas (16.02.10). Listen the interview here.

Article on Borges and memory appeared in Nature and it was covered in:

Clarin, Argentina.
La Nacion, Argentina.
Perfil, Argentina.
i, Portugal.
ABC, Spain.
see also: University of Leicester Press Release.


January 2010


Our work was featured in Cielos Argentinos, the magazine of Aerolineas Argentinas.

Together with Tom Matheson's lab we cellebrate a recently awarded £800k BBSRC grant to jointly study aimed limb movements in the locust.


see University of Leicester Press Release


December 2009


Mariano Molina will be one of the five leading contemporary artists from Argentina -one the 32 countries that will qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa- to participate in 2010 Fine Art which will be one of the largest and most ambitious international art collaborations in history.


Carlos got a postgraduate scholarship from Mutua Madrileña.

November 2009


Rodrigo was interviewed in Noticias y Protagonistas (17.11.09). Listen the interview here.

October 2009


Our work was featured in Nature: Opening up brain surgery - Nature (15.10.09)


Press releases

Neuronas que recononcen a "famosos" - La Nacion (19.10.09)

A neuron's obsession hints at biology of thought - The Wall Street Journal (09.10.09)

September 2009

Press releases

How do we perceive art? - University of Leicester (15.09.09)

How do we perceive art? - Science Centric (15.09.09)

Neuroscience, are and the wow retina 'looming' alert - Compute Scotland

August 2009

Press releases

Effetto Marilyn: basta un neurone e si reconosce un volto - Il Sole (13.08.09)

July 2009

Press releases

Do you have brain cells devoted to Oprah? - Good Morning America, ABC News (23.07.09)

If Oprah has real estate in our brains, does God? - USA Today (23.07.09)

'Oprah neuron' hints at nature of memory - New Scientist (23.07.09)

The legend of grandmother cells continues - Discover Magazine (23.07.09)

Nel nostro cervello i personaggi famosi hanno un neurone dedicato solo a loro - Il Messaggero (23.07.09)

I neuroni delle celebrita - Corriere della Sera (24.07.09)

Un neurone per 'l'idea' di Marilyn - Le Scienze (24.07.09)

Oprah, Luke Skywalker and Maradona - new study investigates how our brains reponds to them - University of Leicester (24.07.09)

La misma neurona reacciona al mismo concepto visto u oido - Diario Medico (27.07.09)

Nel cervello per ogni star c'e un neurone 'dedicato' - La Stampa (27.07.09)

Famous names get single neurons fired up - WMBF News (27.07.09)

More news...

June 2009

Press releases

Responses of human medial temporal lobe neurons are modulated by stimulus repetition - University of Leicester (22.06.09)

May 2009

Press releases

How does the human brain work? - University of Leicester (25.05.09)

The Brain Can a Single Neuron Tell Halle Berry From Grandma Esther? - Discover (15.05.09)

March 2009


Rodrigo gave the opening lecture of the National Science and Engineering Week at the Univesity of Leicester.

February 2009


Our work on extracting information from neuronal populations was cover of Nature Reviews Neuroscience.


January 2009


We've just released a new version of Wave_clus

November 2008


Rodrigo gave his Professorial Inagural Lecture (04.11.08)

Press releases

'Jennifer Aniston neuron' may show what's on your mind - The Epoch Times (12.11.08)

Una neurona llamada Jennifer Aniston - El Mundo -Spain (03.11.08)

Jennifer Aniston tiene una neurona propia - Critica de la Argentina (01.11.08)

October 2008

Press releases

The Jennifer Aniston brain cell - Daily Mail (29.10.08)

Jennifer Aniston neuron shows how we react to celebrity faces - Daily Telegraph (29.10.08)

Cientista identifica neuronio que reage a celebridades - BBC Brasil (30.10.08)

Jennifer Aniston tiene neurona - BBC World (30.10.08)

Una neurona es llamada "Jennifer Aniston" - 20 minutos -Spain (31.10.08)

People - The Guardian (30.10.08)

British professor studies Jennifer Aniston. Lucky bloke! (very funny!) - ItWire (01.01.08)

Scientist find Friends, Star Wars brain cells - The Australian (29.10.08)

Brain cells "dedicated to celebrities" discovered - The Hindu News (29.10.08)

Picture this? Professor unveils research on "Jennifer Aniston Neuron" - University of Leicester (28.10.08)

Understanding the wow factor - University of Leicester (29.10.08)

More press releases


Rodrigo gave a broadcast live talk about Spike Sorting for the Spike Train Analysis Network 
Insitute of Neuroscience of Newcastle University (13.10.08)

September 2008

Press releases

Our work is mentioned in EL Pais
El Nobel de la Calle - EL Pais (29.09.08)

June 2008


Our work on neural correlates of conscious perception has been selected as one of the Breaking News in Neuroscience by the federation of European Neuroscience Societies (fENS).


May 2008

Press releases

Divulgative article
Las neuronas de la conciencia - Ciencia Cognitiva


April 2008


Research highlight
Be aware of your brother - Nature Neuroscience Reviews

Press Releases

Les neurones de la conscience - La Recherche


"Leer" el pensamiento es posible - la Voz de Galicia (7.04.08)

March 2008


Our work on grandmother cells was cover of Trends in Cognitive Sciences.



Press releases

Percepcion visual consciente: a cada concepto, su neurona - Diario Medico (19.03.08)

Primer paso para leer la mente - Critica de la Argentina (07.03.08)

February 2008

Press releases

Hallan que una única neurona indica si se reconoce una imagen - La Nacion (25.02.08)

Un argentino descubrio como una sola neurona reconoce imagenes - La Razon (25.02.08)

Picture recognition read via electrodes - United Press International (20.02.08)

Scientists explore consciousness - University of Leicester news (19.02.08)

Scientists explore consciousness - The Times of India (19.02.08)

Nature of consciousness - Science Daily (19.02.08)

December 2007

Press releases

Scientist "can read thoughts" - Leicester Mercury (11.12.07)

Penny for your thoughts! - University of Leicester news (10.12.07)

October 2007

Press release

Logran "leer" el pensamiento humano - Perfil (14.10.07)

September 2007


Our work featured in Illustreret Videnskab a popular Swedish scientifc magazine.


May 2007


Matias got a New Blood Lectureship at the University of Leicester.
Well done!

January 2007

Feuerzangenbowle at Rodrigo’s place (see Lab Pics).

April 2006

Our work was selected to be featured in the Leicester Graduate Reviews of 2006.


February 2006


Our work was featured in the New York Times week in review.

Scientific American Mind writes about our research.

January 2006


Our work on invariant visual representation by human single neurons was selected as one of the Top Science Stories of 2005 by Discover Magazine.


Press release

Press release from the Univesity of Leicester.

October 2005


Scientific American featured our work

August 2005


Research highlight
Star cells - Nature Reviews Neuroscience

June 2005


See what our colleagues say about our work featured in Faculty of 1000.

Press releases

The ‘Jennifer Aniston’ cell got over 250 media releases. Here is a selection of them:

Single neuron speaks – Scientific American Mind (10.05)

Study shows how the brain recalls what turns it on – LA Times (23.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – New York Times (22.6.05)

Why your brain has a ‘Jennifer Aniston cell’ – New Scientist (22.6.05)

Can a single cell think? – Discover (6.05)

A neuron with Halle Berry’s name on it – New York Times (5.7.05)

Celebrity watch: just one brain cell required – The Independent UK (23.6.05)

Brain discovery may restore memory – Daily Mail, UK (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Washington Post (23.6.05)

Prueban que se utilizan pocas neuronas al identificar a alguien – Clarin (23.6.05)

Descubrieron donde y como el cerebro guarda los recuerdos – La Nacion (23.6.05)

Una neurona alcanza para reconocer al otro – La Razon (23.6.05)

Wider selection of press releases



Together with Tim Pearce we organized a meeting on Neural Coding in different sensory modalities in Leicester.


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