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A list of press releases and news items dating from 2005/2006.


One Person, One Neuron?Scientific American Mind (1.2.06)

‘Jennifer Aniston Cell’ Study Wins Top 100 CitationUniversity of Leicester Press Release (10.1.2006)

Brain Scientists find single cells that can think – Discover Magazine (1.1.06)
Featured as one of the Top 100 Science Stories of 2005. Cover of Discover

Searching for the Person in the BrainNew York Times - Week in Review (5.2.06)

Jennifer Aniston strikes a nerveNature News (22.6.05)

Friends and grandmothers – Nature news & views (23.6.05)

One face, one neuron – Scientific American (10.05)

Single neuron speaksScientific American Mind (10.05)

Study shows how the brain recalls what turns it onLA Times (23.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous peopleNew York Times (22.6.05)

Why your brain has a ‘Jennifer Aniston cell’New Scientist (22.6.05)

Can a single cell think?Discover (6.05)

A neuron with Halle Berry’s name on itNew York Times (5.7.05)

Celebrity watch: just one brain cell requiredThe Independent UK (23.6.05)

Brain discovery may restore memoryDaily Mail, UK (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous peopleWashington Post (23.6.05)

Study suggests a brain cell recognizes a familiar image – Washington Times (23.6.05)

Review of Invariant visual representation by single neurons in the human brain – Faculty of 1000

Eine fuer alles – Specktrumdirekt (24.6.05)

Ein Neuron fuer Halle Berry – SWR2 (Radio) (25.6.05)

Prueban que se utilizan pocas neuronas al identificar a alguien – Clarin (23.6.05)
Cover of Clarin Scheme 23.6.05

Descubrieron donde y como el cerebro guarda los recuerdos – La Nacion (23.6.05)
Cover of La NacionScheme – 23.6.05

Una neurona alcanza para reconocer al otro – La Razon (23.6.05)

Lo ultimo a la cabeza – Revista Nueva (17.7.05)

Pesquisa norte-americanos descobre neuronio “Halle Berry” – Fohla de S.Paulo (23.6.05)

Individual brain cells “recognize” famous people, study says – Boston Globe (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Miami Herald (23.6.05)

Famous faces may hold key to memory storage – Chicago Daily Herald (23.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Fox News (22.6.05)

Study: Brain cells ‘recognize’ stars – CNN (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – USA Today (23.6.05)

Celebrity photos prompt memory study breakthrough – ABC News (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘Recognize’ famous people – WFMY News 2 Greensboro NC (22.6.05)

Study: Individual brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – NBC 4 (22.6.05)

Individual brain cells recognize famous people – Canadian TV news (22.6.05)

Single-cell recognition research find a Halle Berry neuron – UCLA News (23.6.05)

Single-cell recognition: A Halle Berry brain cell – Caltech Press release (22.6.05)

Bioengineer discovers what makes your brain cells tick – University of Leicester press release (24.6.05)

Study finds even brain cells have favorite celebrities – Houston Chronicle (22.6.05)

Study shows how the brain recalls what turns it on – South Florida Sun-Sentinel (23.6.05)

Individual brain cells “recognize” Halle Berry, other stars, study says – San Jose Mercury News (22.6.05)

Brain needs just one cell to recognize known people - The Scotsman (23.6.05)

Images held in a single neuron – The Australian (24.6.05)

Some just have one thing in mind – Fairfax digital, Australia (24.5.05)

Brain cells more complex than we think – Cape Times, South Africa (24.6.05)

New study can help understand elusive human memory – Web India 123 (23.6.05)

Jennifer Aniston resides in everyone’s brain – Web India 123 (26.6.05)

Celebrity images help identify cells – Times of India (23.6.05)

Celebrity photos prompt memory study breakthrough – Reuters (23.6.05)

Celebs on the brain? – New York Newsday (22.6.05)

Brain contain ‘celebrity cells’ – Live Science (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Yahoo News (22.6.05)

What touches the brain cell – Globe and Mail, Canada (22.6.05)

Research shows that brain cells can play favorites – Indianapolis Star (26.6.05)

Cosmos captures old times – Pasadena Star News (25.6.05)

‘Mind-snatchers’ isn’t a movie – Pasadena Star News (25.6.05)

Celebrity photos help researchers study brain – Web MD (22.6.05)

How human brain tunes into every person – Life Style Extra (23.6.05)

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