Prof Bruno Rossion presents Seminar at CSN

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We were delighted to have Professor Bruno Rossion (University of Louvain, Belgium) visit Leicester to give a seminar on Friday 12th Feb 2016. Bruno is one of the world most renowned experts on face perception and EEG. The title of his talk was "Understanding face perception with fast periodic visual stimulation"


"When the human brain is stimulated at a rapid periodic frequency rate, it synchronizes its activity to this frequency, leading to periodic responses recorded by the electroencephalogram (EEG). In vision, periodic stimulation has been used essentially to investigate low-level processes and attention, and has been recently extended to understand high-level visual processes, in particular face perception (Rossion & Boremanse, 2011). Here I will summarize a series of studies carried out over the last few years that illustrate the strengths of this approach: the objective (i.e., exactly at the experimentally-defined frequency rate) definition of neural activity related to face perception, the very high signal-to-noise ratio, the independence from explicit behavioural responses, and the identification of perceptual integration markers. Overall, fast periodic visual stimulation is a highly valuable approach to understand the sensitivity to visual features of complex visual stimuli and their integration, in particular for individual faces, and in populations presenting a lower sensitivity of their brain responses and/or the need for rapid and objective assessment without behavioural explicit responses (e.g., infants and children, clinical populations)."

References of interest:

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