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The Centre for Systems Neuroscience brings together expertise in the hard and life sciences within the College of Life Sciences at the University of Leicester, across other colleges at the University (Including Engineering), and through a network of first-class external collaborations.

Based in the George Davies Centre, Lancaster Road, the Centre for Systems Neuroscience was founded in January 2012 under the direction of Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga.

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The Centre's main focus of research is the study of how neurons and their network activity give rise to complex brain processes - like those involved in visual perception and memory - and their potential for clinical application.






Current research builds upon the very successful interdisciplinary program that led to the discovery of Concept Cells - or Jennifer Aniston neurons - in the human brain in 2005. In particular, our interests are focused on the neural underpinnings of how sensory information leads to conscious perception and the formation of memories that can be stored and later recalled.

See more details about our past and current research here.

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Directions from Leicester Train Station -  exiting the station (facing the street) make a left turn walking up London Road towards Victoria Park. At the junction at University Road cross over the road and continue walking upon the right hand side pavement until you arrive at the junction with Lancaster Road. You are now alongside the Centre building: turn right and enter through the main entrance.

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Centre for Systems Neuroscience

Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
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George Davies Centre
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