Seminars & Visitors

2018 Seminars & Visitors 

19th May

Carlos Pedreira

visiting from University of Oxford, he will be talking about his research on "Memory Performance: insights from British Museum vs Lab"

11th May

Víctor José López Madrona

a visiting PhD student from Instituto de Neurociencias Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Universidad Miguel Hernández, he will be talking about his research on Different theta rhythms in the hippocampus synchronized with layer-specific gamma oscillations via cross-frequency coupling


Seminars & Visitors 2017

7th December

Fanis Panagiotaropoulos

“Encoding and recall of episodic memories in the medial temporal lobe”

18th November

Belén Gori

"Neural Correlates of Visual Perception and Memory. Single Cell Recordings in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe”

28th October

Hernan Rey and Emanuela De Falco

"Dynamics of concept cell responses and LC4EEC"

23rd September

Manuel Franco Arias

"Effect of Attention on ERPs"

1st July

Michael Okun

"Principles of organisation of population dynamics in cortical microcircuits”

24th May

Fanis Panagiotaropoulos

"Encoding and recall of episodic memories in the medial temporal lobe"

5th May

Emanuela De Falco

'Storytelling and MTL activity'

22nd April

Joan Liu

15th April

Hernan Rey

"Response Latencies in the human MTL with different cognitive demand"

11th March

Julieta Campi

"Two-photon imaging and selective neuronal stimulation"

26th February

Manuel Franco Arias

“Effect of Attention on ERPs components”

19th February

Vitor dos Santos

"Estimating information from neural time series with wavelets"

12th February

Professor Bruno Rossion

"Understanding face perception with fast periodic visual stimulation"

Dr Joaquín Navajas

"Neural correlates of conscious face perception dissociated from attention"

22nd January

Emanuela De Falco

"Association encoding in the human MTL"


20th November

Julieta Campi

"Two-photon imaging and single cell stimulation"

13th November

Fanis Panagiotaropoulos

“Contextual modulation of neural activity in the human medial temporal lobe”

9th October

Fernando Chaure

"Dive into the depths of Wave_Clus"


18th September (12-1pm)

Alexander Varatarajah

“Expecting a Surprise? EEG Signal Dynamics in Unrestricted Visual Search”


11th September

Emanuele Schiavon

"Learning a decision making task in a virtual reality environment for mice "

4th September

Hugo Cafferatti

"ARP: The Finale"


28th August

Manuel Franco Arias

"Visual Attention and Conscious Face Perception on the N170."


10th July

Julieta Campi

“Two-photon imaging and single cell stimulation”


3rd July

Manuel Franco Arias

"Visual Attention and Conscious Face Perception on the N170. Remaking the Paradigm."


19th June

Emanuela De Falco

"Association encoding in the human MTL"


12th June

Hernan Rey

"Time after time: spike-LFP responses in human MTL"


27th March

Alex Varatharajah

"Expecting a surprise? EEG Signal Dynamics in Unrestricted Natural Visual Search"


20th March

Hugo Cafferatti

"What can cards tell me about memory?"


13th March

Matias Ison

"The formation of new memories in the human MTL"


6th March

Fanis Panagiotaropoulos

'Conscious visual perception in the macaque lateral prefrontal cortex'


27th February

Julieta Campi

"Two-photon imaging and single cell stimulation".


20th February

Emanuela De Falco

"Encoding of associations in the human MTL."


6th February 2015

Pinar Boyraz

"Electrophysiology in the Virtual Reality using Open Ephys"


20th January 2015

Emanuele Schiavon

“Mouse model for acute hyperbilirubinaemia shows Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress and NFκB driven neurodegeneration”



5th December 2014

Alexander Varatarajah

"Brain Potentials in Free-Viewing Visual Search”


21st December 2014

Manule Molano Mazon

“Designing a (virtual) object recognition paradigm”


11th November 2014

Prof. Haim Sompolinsky and his student Elia Frankin from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem visited the Centre.


7th November 2014

Harsimrat Singh

My research experiences in Neuroscience: Volition, Perception & Spontaneous Oscillation


31st October 2014

Maryam Ahmadi Shapourabadi

Improving the visualization of single trial ERPs by wavelet denoising


Are evoked potentials generated by phase resetting or additive components


24th October 2014

Emanuela De Falco

Associated concepts and neuron responses


17th October 2014

Pinar Boyraz

In vivo electrophysiological recordings from the mouse hippocampus


12th September 2014

Hugo Cafferatti

The Illusion of ARPs


5th September 2104

Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

Time to Fire: Information in Spike Train Patterns


29th August

Joaquin Navajas

Disentangling the effects of visual attention and conscious face perception on the N170 responses.


11th July 2014

Natalia Grion

Hippocampal cell recording in rats performing a visual discrimination task


4th July - Lab Meeting

Hugo Caffaratti

The Illusion of the ARP. Part III


30th June - 2nd JulyJose Carmena

Prof. Jose Carmena

University of California, Berkley


Presentation 1st July - "Large-scale neural circuit dynamics underlying Neuroprosthetic skill learning"


6th June

Jacobo Sitt

INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit

Presentation - "Insights and applications from contrasting conscious"


4th April - Lab Meeting

Dr. Manuel Molano

Creating a 3D Virtual Environment for Mice IV


3rd - 5th April

Ariel Schoenfeld

Prof. Ariel Schoenfeld

Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology

Presentation - 4th April - "Multi-modal neuroimaging of the visual system"



28th March - Lab Meeting

Julieta Campi

Synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus


21st March - Lab Meeting

Dr. Natalia Grion

Hurdle race: training rats on a four-object invariant recognition and recordings in hippocampus


14th March - Lab Meeting

Joaquin Navajas

Neural correlates of conscious face perception and spatial attention


12th March - Brain Awareness Day

How do we See and Remember?  Prof. Rodrigo Quian Quiroga.

View our Magic Demonstration using the Eye Tracker. Hugo Caffaratti and Joaquin Navajas.

The Small Bubbles of Thought that won a Nobel Prize. Dr. Vincenzo Marra.

Relating Genes to Brain Diseases and Remedies. Prof. Ruth Luthi-Carter.


7th March - Lab Meeting

Alex Varatharajah

A further Analysis of Brain Potentials in an Eye Movement Visual Search


28th February  - Lab Meeting

Dr. Pinar Boyraz

A setup for hippocampal recordings in freely moving mice: Part II


21st February - Lab Meeting

Hugo Caffaratti

The Illusion of the ARP


20th - 22nd February

Prof. Luis Martinez

Professor of Visual Neuroscience,
University of Alicante, Spain


18th February

Dr. Marijtje Jongsman
Behavioral Science Institute, Radbourne University, Nijmegan.

"Unravelling cognitive aspects of motor behaviour in (a)typically developing children"


10th January

Dr Robert Richardson
University of Leeds



13th December - Lab Meeting

Dr. Manuel Molano

Creating a 3D Virtual Environment for Rodents III


6th December - Lab Meeting

Dr. Maryam Shapourabadi

How Locust Sensory Neurons Encode Movement Relating to Angles and Speed.


29th November - Lab Meeting

Julieta Campi

Concept Representation in the mouse Hippocampus: in vitro imaging and caged compounds.


22nd November - Lab Meeting

Joaquin Navajas

A Spike Sorting Algorithm for Real-Time On-Chip Applications


15th November - Lab Meeting

Dr. Natalia Grion

Neuronal substrates underlying abstract object representations in rat hippocampus


8th November - Lab Meeting

Hugo Caffaratti

Avra Kahdabra related potentials


4th October - Lab Meeting

Dr. Carlos Pedreira

Lab vs Museum. Perception and memory with eye-tracker”.


27th September - Lab Meeting

Zaira Pineda

Human Machine Interface based on gaze tracking used to control a robot manipulator


10th - 11th July

Prof. Fernando Lopes da Silva
Emeritus Professor
Swammerdam Institute of Life Scinces, Amsterdam.

Walter Freeman & RQQ3


7th June

Professor Walter J. Freeman
University of California, Berkley

"How brains create knowledge from information"


Seminar Information

Walter Freemans Presentation - Coming Soon.

Walter J. Freeman studied physics and mathematics at M.I.T., electronics in the navy in World War 11, philosophy at the University of Chicago, medicine at Yale University, internal medicine at Johns Hopkins, and neuropsychiatry at UCLA. He has taught brian science in the University of California at Berkeley since 1959, where he is Professor of the Graduate School.


6th June - Lab Meeting

Dr. Hernan Rey

Ready, aim, fire !!! Single cell firing dynamics of concept neurons in the human Medial Temporal Lobe


31st May - Lab Meeting

Dr. Matias Ison

Automatic classification of single- and multi- unit activity from extracellular recordings


17th May - Lab Meeting

Manuel Molano

Creating a 3D Virtual Environment for Rodents II


3rd May - Lab Meeting

Hugo Caffaratti

The Neuroscience of Magic and Decision Making


26th April - Lab Meeting

Zaira Pineda

Real Time Eye-tracking Control for a Whole Arm Manipulator in 2D Cartesian Space.


12th April - Lab Meeting

Julieta Campi

Imaging the mouse brain.


19th April - Lab Meeting

Joaquin Navajas

A Spike Sorting Algorithm for Real-Time On-Chip Applications


5th  April - Lab Meeting

Maryam Shapourabadi

Single-Trial Analysis of Event-Related Potentials


8th February - Lab Meeting

Manuel Molano

Creating a 3D Virtual Environment for Rodents I


1st February - Lab Meeting

Dr. Matias Ison

Fast remapping of medial temporal lobe neurons encoding newly created associations



27th January

Publishing in Nature Neuroscience
Charvy Narain
Editor of Nature Neuroscience


13th January

The Neuroscience of Magic
Luis Martinez
Professor of visual neuroscience,
University of Alicante, Spain 
and Miguel Angel Gea (Magician)



17th September

Bioengineering Seminar
Ariel Zylberberg
Department of Physics
University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)


16th July

Bioengineering Seminar
Professor Walter J. Freeman
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of California at Berkeley (USA)


21st January

Bioengineering Seminar
Dr. William Townsend 
Founder of Barrett Technology



23rd November

Research Workshop
Computational Brain


18th June

Bioengineering Seminar
Dr. Gonzalo Alarcon
Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, London (UK)


15th June

Bioengineering Seminar
Professor Eduardo Mizraji
Group of Cognitive Systems Modeling, Biophysical Section
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Montevideo (URUGUAY)


27th March

Bioengineering Seminar
Dr. Luis Diambra
Laboratory of Systems Biology
Centro Regional de Estudios Genomicos, UNLP (ARGENTINA)


23rd March

Dr. Steve Shimozaki
School of psychology


16th March

Joint Bioengineering / MRC Toxicology unit seminar
Professor Rudolf Rübsamen
Institute of Biology-II
Faculty of Bioscience, Farmacy and Psychology. University of Leipzig (GERMANY)


26th February

Bioengineering Seminar
Dr. Luis Martinez
Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante (SPAIN)


26th January

Dr. Ezio Rosato
Department of Genetics



20th October

Dr. Sarah White
School of Psychology


15th September

Prof. Nick Hartel
Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology


28th April

Prof. Ian Forsythe
Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology
MRC Toxicology Unit


16th June

From topology to Dynamics in Complex Signalling Networks
Prof. Kwang-Hyun Cho
Department of Bio and Brain Engineering
Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)


Model Selection and Parameter Inference for Systems Biology
Prof. Michael Stumpf
Department of Life Sciences
Imperial College London (UK)


2nd April

Probabilistic Models of Human Sensorimotor Control
Prof. Daniel Wolpert
Department of Engineering
University of Cambridge (UK)


28th February

Modelling Familiarity Discrimination in the Perirhinal Cortex
Dr. Rafal Bogacz
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol (UK)


24th January

Mechanisms of Spatial Integration and its Modulation by Atention
Prof. Alexander Thiele
Insitute of Neuroscience
University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)



27th September

Neuronal Circuits and Computational Models for Visual Object Recognition
Dr. Gabriel Kreiman
Program in Neurobiology and Department of Ophthalmology
Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School (USA)
Center for Brain Science, Harvard University (USA)

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