Professor Anna Hansell
Professor of Environmental Epidemiology
Centre Director

Anna Hansell portrait 3

Professor John Gulliver
Professor of Environmental and Exposure Sciences
Centre Deputy Director

John Gulliver portrait 5

Dr Josh Vande Hey
Lecturer in Environment and Health

Josh Vande Hey portrait

Dr Claire Blackmore
Academic Clinical Lecturer

Claire Blackmore portrait

Dr Megan Evans
Academic Clinical Lecturer

Megan Evans temp

Dr Calvin Jephcote
Research Associate in GIS

Calvin Jephcote portrait 2

Yingxin Chen
Research Assistant in Environmental Epidemiology

Yingxin Chen portrait

Kathryn Adams
Research Assistant in GIS

Jasu Patel
Centre PA

Jasu Patel

Sam Hill
MRC ITTP PhD Student

Sam Hill portrait

Katie Eminson
MRC iCASE PhD Student

Katie Eminson portrait

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