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Personalised medicine relies on the development of specific agents elaborated to interfere with a given therapeutic target. These therapeutic agents can be administered to patients that have been stratified according to tumour genotype and/or expression of specific biomarkers.

Personalised Medicine 3Sustained by considerable investment from Cancer Research UK (CR-UK), numerous targets have been identified and validated in the recent years. However resources to prosecute these in structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) programmes are limited either by investment or by technical issues. Many new targets are indeed not thought to be amenable to ‘drugging’ by conventional strategies. SBDD, together with associated technologies of protein expression and purification for biophysical and biochemical assays can be success-determining assets in addressing these challenges.

The Leicester CR-UK Centre Network Accelerator Award (CNAA) has been awarded to accelerate cancer SBDD. The CNAA was awarded to Leicester in 2014 and rests on the strong drive to push forward personalised drug discovery in the context of cancers. Relevant expertise and resource provided by each Centre will facilitate collaborative projects, build capacity in these key areas and train researchers.

Specifically the aims of the Leicester CR-UK CNAA are to; to enhance access to protein production, biophysics and structural biology expertise and equipment across different Centres and to ensure that best practice is employed through all the drug discovery programmes.

The Leicester CR-UK CNAA groups cancer centres and institutes brought together to accelerate the identification of pertinent therapeutic targets and corresponding agents in the fight against cancers.

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Congratulations from the LCRC to Bethan Rogoyski and Aleksandra Bzura.

Bethan won best oral presentation at the AMS Midlands Academy of Medical Sciences Festival held on 27th March 2019 for her presentation on "Redeployment: The potential of repurposed drugs in preventing mesothelioma".

Aleks won the University PGR poster fair competition on 18th March 2019 for her poster entitled "New hope for treating mesothelioma cancer using PARP inhibitors".

Also, a huge well done to Grandezza Aburido who was in the semi-finals of the PGR poster fair.  


Congratulations to Noura Alibrahim who passed her PhD viva recently.  Well done!


In a recent exercise undertaken by the NCRI’s Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) Leicester was rated as internationally competitive/leading in the Radiation Biology Research domain, one of just four centres in the UK to achieve this rating in that domain.


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