Lynne Howells

Position: Research Fellow/Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre Lab Quality Manager
Location: RKCSB
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We are jointly funded by CRUK and the Department of Health, as part of the Leicester CRUK Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC). The remit of the ECMC is to initiate early-phase oncology-based clinical trials, based on in-house-generated pre-clinical data. Areas of research interest include generation of in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo data pertinent to Chemoprevention  across a variety of pathologies including colorectal, lung and pancreatic cancer. My research has a strong translational element, with the ultimate goal to expedite the inception of clinical pilot studies investigating chemopreventive agents/potential efficacy biomarkers of interest. Further details can be found in the listed publications. (*=corresponding author).


Ethics submissions; Quality management programmes; Research Governance; Lab management; 3D cell culture; Primary cell culture; Explant culture; Flow cytometry and cell sorting; Standard lab techniques


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  15. LM Howells, DP. Berry, PJ. Elliott, EW. Jacobson, E Hoffmann, B Hegarty, K Brown, WP. Steward, AJ. Gescher. Phase I randomised double-blind pilot study of micronized resveratrol (SRT501) in patients with hepatic metastases – safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Cancer Prevention Research. 4(9), 1419-1425. 2011.



University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Hope Clinical Trials Unit, Leicester
Indena SpA, Milan, Italy
ProCURE (Program Against Cancer Therapeutic Resistance, Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), Spain.
Sirtris (A GSK company)


Cancer Research UK/Department of Health
Hope Against Cancer
Indena SpA

Teaching Skills/Experience

Currently applying for FHEA

Other Relevant Activities

Undertaking Level 3 qualification in Leadership and Management via ILM

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Congratulations from the LCRC to Bethan Rogoyski and Aleksandra Bzura.

Bethan won best oral presentation at the AMS Midlands Academy of Medical Sciences Festival held on 27th March 2019 for her presentation on "Redeployment: The potential of repurposed drugs in preventing mesothelioma".

Aleks won the University PGR poster fair competition on 18th March 2019 for her poster entitled "New hope for treating mesothelioma cancer using PARP inhibitors".

Also, a huge well done to Grandezza Aburido who was in the semi-finals of the PGR poster fair.  


Congratulations to Noura Alibrahim who passed her PhD viva recently.  Well done!


In a recent exercise undertaken by the NCRI’s Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) Leicester was rated as internationally competitive/leading in the Radiation Biology Research domain, one of just four centres in the UK to achieve this rating in that domain.


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