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SEND Study Success

Congratulations to Chris Avery, Honorary Associate Professor and Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, who with collaborating colleagues published the findings of the significant SEND study, a multi-centre randomised trial using two different surgical protocols for  mouth cancer treatment.  A nationwide first for this type of trial, using real-world data.  The paper, published in the British Journal of Cancer, is available by clicking this link: SEND Paper


Congratulations from the LCRC to Bethan Rogoyski and Aleksandra Bzura.

Bethan won best oral presentation at the AMS Midlands Academy of Medical Sciences Festival held on 27th March 2019 for her presentation on "Redeployment: The potential of repurposed drugs in preventing mesothelioma".

Aleks won the University PGR poster fair competition on 18th March 2019 for her poster entitled "New hope for treating mesothelioma cancer using PARP inhibitors".

Also, a huge well done to Grandezza Aburido who was in the semi-finals of the PGR poster fair.


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