Ways to Fundraise for the University of Leicester

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Fundraising activities come in all shapes and sizes - from bake sales to marathons to skydives! You could take part in an event open to the public, such as a sponsored marathon,or break the mould with an event that is entirely your own. Whatever you decide to do, we want to support you from start to finish.

Taking part in a public event

  • Setting a fundraising goal - This will give you an aspirational amount you want to raise, and will allow you and your sponsors to see how close you are to that amount throughout the event.
  • Social Networking - To attract as many supporters and sponsors as possible, let your friends, family and work colleagues know about it.
  • Nominating us as your company's chosen charity - Many companies have a chosen charity that they support annually, and nominations for charities to support often come from company employees themselves. Why not recommend the University of Leicester?
  • Asking your company about Matched Giving - If your company supports a chosen charity, it may also have a Matched Giving Scheme. Matched Giving allows a company to match the amount raised by an employee from a fundraising event. Matched Giving policies differ between companies, so enquiring within your company is recommended.

Organizing your own event

To ensure your fundraising event runs smoothly, planning beforehand is highly recommended. All of the considerations for taking part in someone else's event apply, but in addition you may want to also consider:

  • Gathering all the materials you will need - Your Fundraising Pack contains a trusty Sponsorship Form and Information Leaflets on some causes you could support. If you would like additional copies of any of the materials in the Fundraising Pack, please contact Rosemary, our Fundraising Support Officer, using the contact details below.
  • Making an event plan - Planning before an event can make it much easier on the day. Ask yourself whether you'll need permissions from the local authority for your event, and if you know what to do in an emergency.


We want your fundraising experience to be enjoyable and rewarding, whether you are just taking part or organizing it yourself. If you have any questions about fundraising, contact Rosemary, our Fundraising Support Officer.

Email: fundraise@le.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 116 252 2354

You can also register to receive your Fundraising Support Pack through the post or by email using our online registration form.

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