The Impact

The Centre for Medicine will create a world-leading medical teaching and research institute in Leicester. Patient care and safety will be at the core of an innovative teaching curriculum and world leading researchers will investigate some of today’s biggest health challenges – all of which students will have a front row seat to. The Centre will: Transform the Training of Tomorrow’s Doctors, Revolutionise Patient Care and Fight Chronic Disease.

Training Tomorrow’s Doctors

Centre for Medicine

Scientific knowledge and its application to medicine is constantly changing. These changes mean the adoption of new ideas and treatments but also the recognition that many long-held theories are incorrect or irrelevant.

The new facility will facilitat a ‘Rapid Response’ curriculum to allow its undergraduate medical training to adjust quickly to these changes. Medical students will have immediate access to the latest research breakthroughs and developments in healthcare policy and practice, delivered to them by leading academics and clinicians.

Students will spend much of their time working with doctors on a day-to-day basis with patients and other health professionals allowing them to understand the importance of delivering safe, compassionate and holistic care. So that by the time of qualification they can already genuinely look after patients.

Fighting Chronic Disease

Fighting Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is one of the biggest killers affecting 15 million people in England alone.

The Centre will speed the translation of research breakthroughs, made by our researchers and clinicians, from laboratory to bedside, fighting the most serious chronic diseases through early detection, prevention and treatment.

With your support we can drastically reduce the number of people and their families sadly affected by diseases such as stoke, diabetes, cancer, respiratory, heart and kidney disease.

Revolutionising Patient Care

Around 1 in 10 hospital admissions in the UK result in some form of harm - almost half of these are preventable. The Centre for Medicine will be home to global leaders in the field of ‘improvement science’ focussed on patients and improving their safety and quality of care.

Revolutionsing Patient CareClinicians and researchers working together in the Centre for Medicine will generate new high quality, evidence-based research and ensure this is embedded quickly into patient care and safety.

We all want to ensure our loved ones - be it our children, parents, husbands or wives - receive the best patient care possible, in a safe environment. Your support for the Centre for Medicine Appeal will help us achieve that goal.


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Building the Centre

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Keep up to date with construction of our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly Centre for Medicine building on our Estates website.