Overcoming the challenges

heart iconHeart Disease

...kills someone every nine minutes.

At Leicester, we have developed coronary stents so that patients don’t have to rely on drugs – reducing the failure rate to zero. Patients worldwide are benefitting.

stroke iconStroke

...hits someone every five minutes.

Our researchers contributed to a landmark study providing a safe and efficient treatment of stroke, improving the likelihood of recovery without serious disability.

diabetes iconDiabetes

Seven million people in the UK and their families are at high risk of being hit by Type 2 diabetes.

Experts at Leicester have developed a self-assessment tool to allow individuals to calculate their risk of diabetes and, if it is high, recommend they visit their doctor – allowing early intervention. The tool has achieved international impact and been adopted by Diabetes UK and recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

geriatric care iconCare for the Elderly

Someone is struck by a diagnosis of dementia every 3.2 minutes.

Scientists based at the University have discovered the first chemical to prevent the death of brain tissue – a turning point in the fight against Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative disease.

kidneys iconKidney Disease

One person dies every day just waiting for a kidney transplant.

Our researchers have pioneered one of the most advanced kidney preservation programmes in the world, increasing the number of kidneys available for transplantation. But we don’t stop there – we’re also pursuing research on early detection and prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease to reduce the need for transplantation in the first place.

child health iconCare for Children

One new born baby is admitted to a special care unit every seven minutes and another to intensive care every 30 minutes.

The Neonatal Survey conducted at Leicester is used nationally to improve the care given by neonatal intensive care professionals. The work we do at Leicester saves babies’ lives.

lungs iconRespiratory Disease

...takes more lives than breast, bowel and prostate cancers put together.

The University houses one of only 20 specialist units in the UK tackling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – one of the country’s biggest killers. Our researchers are co-leading the largest ever study of the genetics relating to lung disease to identify why lung health varies so much between people. This is a unique study which couldn’t be done anywhere else in the world. Knowing more about this will help us to discover better ways of treating people in the future.

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