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Gryphon Cover

We’re excited to introduce you to Gryphon, your alumni magazine. The University has a long association with the mythical gryphon, which appeared in the coat of arms of our original benefactor, Thomas Fielding Johnson. A golden demi-gryphon features in our heraldic crest (printed on your degree certificate), and the Team Leicester branding for our sports clubs also features a demi-gryphon holding a book.

These majestic animals have the body, back legs and tail of a lion, and the head, wings and front talons of an eagle. They are also thought of as the king of all creatures, and so we couldn’t think of a better name for your alumni magazine – the number one way for you to stay connected with news from the University and the successes of your fellow alumni. We hope you enjoy this issue, which is packed full of your news and updates.

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We hope you enjoy digesting your new magazine in your own preferred way, through our webpages, in the digital flip book, and in the hard copy of the magazine.

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