Alumni Profile Form

We are always looking to add to our current bank of profiles of graduates from across the decades, to highlight the diverse range of areas in which our alumni have gained success, both in terms of their chosen careers and their personal achievements.

It would be helpful if when completing the form, you could give as much information as possible to help us create a more detailed profile.
Details from this form will be used on our Alumni website and in University publications, please indicate whether you are happy for us to use the information you provide  

Please attach photo's from your time at University. These would be a great addition to your profile and help to show what University life was like in your decade.

If you have any questions or queries regarding alumni profiles please contact The Alumni Team


Tel: 0116 223 1071


All information is held securely by the University of Leicester. The information you provide will be used for alumni profiles and publications and to keep you informed about other related University developments, events, products, services and fundraising which may be of interest. Data will not be disclosed to external organisations or individuals, other than those acting as agents for the University. For further information please contact us using the details above.

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