Operating Department Practice: Diploma in Higher Education

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The programme has been based on the belief that the integration of academic and work-based learning is the best way to develop students who are well-equipped to meet the needs of future employers and to create a professional group of learners who have opportunities open to them for lifelong learning.

Registered ODPs provide high standards of patient care and skilled support alongside medical and nursing colleagues during the anaesthetic, surgical and recovery phases of perioperative period. The ODP's role involves the application of theory to practice in a variety of clinical settings.

This Diploma course, offered within the University's School of Medicine, gives students an unrivalled opportunity to gain a professionally accredited, academically rigorous qualification to practice as an ODP. It builds upon training courses that have been taking place in Leicester for many years.

Entry Modes

Entry to the programme is normally available to individuals who meet the requirement to receive a NHS bursary for the duration of their programme and are supported by an approved participating hospital of the South Trent School of Operating Department Practice. Course costs are normally paid by the NHS Healthcare Workforce Deaneries.

Currently this is not a UCAS course; applicants should apply directly to the South Trent School of Operating Department Practice where they will be given the opportunity to select their preferred parent hospital. This is a full-time course and is not available on a part-time basis.

Operating Department Practice at Leicester

The South Trent School of ODP is a specialist Centre for the delivery of training within the Operating Department, and was established in 1976. The School works closely with a group of approved Parent Hospitals to ensure that all aspects of the programme provide the necessary educational opportunities for the student. Your parent hospital ensures that you are provided with the necessary experience to develop your clinical skills and that you are exposed to the reality of employment.

The ODP Dip HE award is recognised as an eligible qualification to apply for registration with the Health Professions Council as an Operating Department Practitioner which entitles holders to apply for employment positions as ODPs.

Why Choose ODP at Leicester?

We ensure the development of vocational skills is matched with academic rigour to ensure that students meet the appropriate levels for a Dip HE award and develop a wide range of skills in preparation for the future. Training as a student ODP is interesting, working as a qualified ODP is fascinating and rewarding. Job, career and earning opportunities are excellent. Our successful students enjoy the caring environment in which they work, get a high level of job satisfaction and meet a lot of interesting people while they are at work.

The staff team all have a significant level of experience working within the operating department. Amongst the team there is experience of operating department management, clinical-based education and specialist areas of clinical work. Our team believe in putting the student first and maintain a high standard of student support and guidance. Our reputation is built on being an approachable and caring institution regarding the welfare of our students. We constantly evaluate our programme and respond to the feedback we receive from students on their learning experience.

Course structure

The programme takes place over a continuous 104-week period with programmes normally commencing in the Spring and Autumn each year. The programme is divided into 11 compulsory Modules of Study.

  1. Foundations of Operating Department Practice
  2. Foundations of Surgical Practice
  3. Foundations of Anaesthetic Practice
  4. Practice Development
  5. Foundations of Peri-Operative Care in the Multiprofessional Healthcare Environment
  6. Application of Operating Department Practice 1 (Specialities)
  7. Development of Peri-operative Care Practice in the Multiprofessional Healthcare Environment
  8. Post Anaesthetic Care Practice
  9. Application of Operating Department Practice 2 (Critical Care)
  10. Practice Development 2
  11. Critical Analysis and Evidence-Based Practice

Teaching and Learning Methods

The programme utilises a range of learning and teaching methods to help you meet all of the programme outcomes and become a qualified ODP.

In line with the requirements of the professional College of Operating Department Practitioners and the Health Professionals Council, the programme promotes:

  • Your ability to study independently.
  • Your appreciation of the need to integrate theory and practice.
  • Your capacity for clinical reasoning, including the evaluation of practice and critical analysis of research.
  • Your understanding of the areas and types of knowledge and how these are integrated in the curriculum. This includes the need for a broad view of the context of practice.
  • Your commitment to lifelong learning.

We will:

  • Help you to learn via a mixed economy of learning and teaching methods, including lectures, small group work, supervised practice, self-study and reflective learning.
  • Help you integrate theory and practice.
  • Make sure that you develop personally as well as professionally.
  • Adopt a progressive approach to learning so that your skills are acquired at an acceptable pace.

Career Opportunities

Demand for Operating Department Practitioners is high. There are many opportunities for continuing employment, professional development and advancement within the NHS and the independent healthcare sector.

Full entry requirements

Opportunities to Visit and Further Information

Please feel free to contact us for further information and guidance in choosing our programme.

For details of open days and student information please contact:

The South Trent School of ODP
Department of Medical and Social Care Education,
Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building
The University of Leicester, PO Box 138,
Leicester LE1 9HN
0116 2523045

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