PowerMan rescues University’s IT carbon impact

Posted by mjs76 at Aug 16, 2012 11:57 AM |
The University has realised an innovative way to save money and cut carbon using power-down IT software. The software, called PowerMan, automatically shuts down PCs that are left switched on but not logged on and has proved to be a fantastic way to reduce some of the energy wasted through idle PCs.

IT equipment consumes a large amount of energy and costs the University over £1 million each year in electricity bills. A recent carbon-footprinting exercise found that IT equipment uses 25% of the electricity at non-residential University buildings. Any measures that reduce this also have a significant impact on the University’s carbon footprint. The PowerMan software is just one way in which IT Services are reducing the environmental impact of the IT equipment we all use.

The software automatically switches off monitors and shuts down PCs if they are left unattended and logged out after a certain number of minutes. The time delay varies between PCs, depending on their usage, so as not to disrupt staff and student activities.

The shutdown software has produced significant savings since it was first installed in 2010. Around 379,500 kilowatt hours of savings were made in the first year. This converts to approximately 5 million computer hours saved and estimated annual savings of 287 tonnes of CO2, and £30,000 from the electricity bill. These great financial savings can be reinvested elsewhere in the institution.

The computers only switch themselves off when they are logged out so don’t panic, the PowerMan software will not cause you to lose any work or interrupt experiments if you stay logged in.  If you’re not logged in and you forget to switch your computer off on your way out to a meeting you can rest easy knowing that the power-down software will provide damage limitation on wasted energy. However, there is still some distance to go in making sure that all the computers across the University are switched off at night. You can make a big difference by logging off and shutting down at the end of each day!

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