Office moves

Arrange an office move

You can request for help with moving office. If more than one PC needs to be moved, you will need to choose someone as a coordinator for the move. Your move will be handled by porters from Estates, supported by IT Services, if required.

You will need to ensure that you provide sufficient notice for your move to be arranged.

Complete the office move booking form and attach the booking form spreadsheet:

If you receive IT support from one of the College IT support teams led by Jitin Liladhar or Andrew Myers you should contact them about planning your office move.

How to prepare

1. Book your crates from Estates.
2. When your crates arrive, pack the contents and label your crates:
  • Green crates are for general office items
  • Larger red crates for your IT equipment. Estates will pack all cables and equipment connected to your PC. If you have additional equipment such as scanners or desktop printers you may require two IT Crates.

When you have submitted the booking form you will receive an email from Estates to confirm a start date for the move and when your computer will be reconnected along with the allocated times. If any additional information is required a member of Estates or IT Services will contact you directly.

Label your crates

Before your move you will receive crates from Estates to pack your items. It is important that you clearly label these crates, including your:

  • Name
  • Username
  • PC ID (i.e. UA-1234). See Find your PC ID
  • New location details (Building and room number)
  • New desk number (if you have received a desk plan from Estates)

Notice periods

If you are booking an office move, you will need to provide sufficient notice for your move to be arranged. For moves involving ten or more people you should also advise the Estates Interiors Office.

The length of notice required, is dependent on the number of people to be moved, as follows:

Number of staffWorking days notice required
1 to 2 1 to 2 days
3 to 5 2 to 3 days
6 to 8 4 to 5 days
9 to 12 6 to 7 days
13 to 16 8 to 9 days
17+ 10 days

Need help?

You can contact Estates for all enquiries by using the following contact details:

Sharon Bassett or call 0116 252 2813

John Manning or call 0116 223 1383

If you have specialist equipment you need to move, contact the IT Service Desk for advice, before booking your move.

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