Second World Immersive Future Teaching

Introduction to the virtual lab and the SWIFT project

The SWIFT project is a collaboration between the Beyond Distance Research Alliance and GENIE, Genetics Education Networking for Innovation and Excellence, which is a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

The project is funded by the Higher Education Academy under the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) and acknowledges the growing need for new approaches to effective laboratory-based learning; issues of space, time and resources lead to pedagogical limitations in the use of practical classes involving student engagement in pre-designed experiments.

SWIFT addresses these limitations by developing laboratory activities in Second Life, researching their impact on teaching and learning in biomedical sciences, and thereby providing exemplars for transfer to other sciences.

SWIFT investigates the student experience and learning outcomes from these Second Life activities, and compares them with outcomes from other modes of learning. It is not intended that such approaches should replace real-life laboratory activities but complement them, improving the learning experience.


Introduction to the teaching role within SWIFT

If you would like to look around the SWIFT virtual lab, and you already have a Second Life account, you can use this link; if you're new to Second Life, we have an easy-to-follow introduction here.

Swift image in banner courtesy of Muchaxo on Flickr.

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