Leicester Migration Network

The Leicester Migration Network brings together a dynamic group of migration scholars from a range of fields across the University.

Dr Leah Bassel
Dr Leah Bassel, Co-Founder and Convenor
This group explores migratory phenomena in all their complexity, ranging from traditional cross-border movements to new forms of transnational flows and exchanges.

The Leicester Migration Network was co-founded in 2012 by Dr Leah Bassel, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, and Dr Marc Scully who is now a lecturer at the University of Loughborough.

This is an exciting initiative that brings together interdisciplinary perspectives and enables innovative and ground-breaking scholarship that cuts across conventional lines of enquiry.

Our location in Leicester, a city that continues to be shaped by its unique history of migration, provides a distinctive opportunity for academic research that is developed in partnership with members of the community.



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Kajal Nisha Patel


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