The Leicester Cancer Centre represents a partnership between the University of Leicester, the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, the local charity HOPE Against Cancer and the Leicester-based MRC Toxicology Unit.  We have held Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) status since 2006 and were successful in securing Cancer Research UK Centre status in 2014.  Together these two initiatives have allowed us to establish a comprehensive biomedical and clinical cancer centre in which scientists and clinicians are working together to improve the detection and management of cancer.

The Leicester Cancer Centre takes an integrated approach to cancer research, assimilating laboratory and clinical disciplines.  Our work is focused on understanding the genetic and biological basis of the disease, identifying novel biological markers for detecting and monitoring the disease and devising new interventional approaches for disease prevention and treatment.  We have particular expertise in the management and treatment of thoracic cancers, both lung cancers and mesotheliomas, as well as lymphoid malignancies.

Our aim is to continue to undertake research of the highest quality and to ensure the local community is engaged in our progress and activities.  We have fostered an interactive and dynamic atmosphere, providing an ideal environment for training and inspiring the next generation of cancer researchers.



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