Funding For Students Studying Medicine

From 1 September 2012 all eligible new students entering an NHS-funded year of study will have access to the same package of financial support irrespective of their course (e.g. Degree or DipHE).

The new NHS Bursary scheme package of support will provide new students with a small non-means tested grant, a means tested bursary and a reduced rate non-means-tested loan. The loan will be provided by Student Finance England.

A healthcare student on an eligible course of 45 weeks in duration and studying outside London could receive a non-means tested grant of £1,000, a means tested bursary of up to £4,395 and a non-means tested loan of up to £2,324.  

Further information is detailed on the NHS website

The University offers both the 5-year Medicine degree and the 4-year Graduate Entry Medicine degree.  The funding is different for these two courses, and different again if you are entering the 5-year programme but already have a degree.

If you already have a degree you will NOT receive support with your fees for the non-NHS-funded years of your course.  Please ensure you have sufficient funds to meet your fee liability.  Contact us for further information/advice.

Applying for funding

Student loans and grants

All English students should apply to Student Finance England to be assessed for their first year’s funding, including applications for supplementary grants for students with dependants or who have a disability or specific learning difficulty - information about all aspects of funding is on their website.

NHS Bursaries

Full information about how to apply and level of NHS funding can be found on the NHS Bursary website.

The NHS assesses students based on parental income irrespective of age unless they can provide evidence that they are financially independent.  Please read relevant section in their guidance carefully.

Students from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the EU (non-UK)

If you are normally resident in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales you are strongly advised to contact the relevant national authority for up-to-date information about your funding arrangements.  In particular, you may find the tuition fee support less generous if you already have a degree and will need to consider how your fees will be paid if you are not eligible for support.  Non UK EU student are normally entitld to fees only support.

Further Information

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