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Attitudes to sex can vary and students from other countries may notice some differences. Choices about sex should be individual and personal to you. You are entirely free to live according to your own standards and should not feel pressured to adopt those of other students. Using condoms every time you have sex can help reduce the risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection and can prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Termination (abortion) in this country is not considered to be an acceptable form of contraception.

Whether you chose to engage in sexual activity or not, it is important for you to know the facts which can help you make choices. The links on this site can give you information on safe sex and relationship issues.

Knowing the facts can help you make informed choices which may contribute to your wellbeing and achieving your full potential.

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Where to go for confidential help and advice

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University of Leicester Drop in ‘Choices’ Sexual Health Clinic:

The clinic has been relocated and is now in the new First Aid Room in the S.U. (Percy Gee Building) adjacent to The Green Room.

It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time between 10.30am and 1.30pm, excluding the first Thursday in every month. 

The free clinic is available to all students under 25 and is provided by the NHS with qualified specialist nurses. The drop in clinic provides advice and guidance in relation to all sexual health ; it is independant of your GP so information is not shared unless it is in your interest and with your consent. More information can be found at

The SHACC service is available for students over the age of 25. Clinics are available in a number of health centres including the Vicitoria ark Health Centre which is adjacent to the University and more information can be found  at

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Chlamydia testing by post

Free, confidential Chlamydia testing by post for 16 - 24 year olds in Leicestershire -  

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Choices service 

 or telephone 0116 2898969

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Victoria Park  Health Centre

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Rape Crisis Line

Tel: 0116 2558852

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Forced Marriages

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Student Counselling

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Leicestershire AIDS Support Services

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Sexual Health and Contraception clinics

Emergency Contraception

If you have had unprotected sex, or you are worried that your contraception has failed, there are two methods of emergency contraception, for more information go to:

If you are under 25, emergency contraception is free and can be obtained from the following local chemists if the appropriate pharmacist is on duty (you might consider phoning in advance to check). If you are over 25, emergency contraception can be purchased from the same chemists or you can obtain a prescription from your G.P.  Freemen's Common Health Centre or the Urgent Care Centre. Emergency contraception is also available from the Choices clinic on campus.


Boots the ChemistBoots the ChemistKnights Chemist

The Shire Walk
LE1 4FQ Maps-icon

Gallowtree Gate
LE1 1DD Maps-icon

75 Queens Road
LE2 1TT Maps-icon
Tel: 0116 2624149 Tel: 0116 2621641 Tel: 0116 2700522
Opening times: Opening times: Opening times:
Mon-Fri 08.30-20.00
Sat 08.30- 19.00
Sun 11.00-17.00
Mon-Fri: 08.15-18.00
Sat: 08.15-18.00
Sun: 11.00-17.00
Mon-Fri: 09.00-18.30
Sat 09.00-17.30

Patels ChemistAsda PharmacyLloyds Pharmacy

Unit C,
27 Western Boulevard,
LE2 7HN Maps-icon

Asda Stores Ltd.
Leicester Road
LE2 4AH Maps-icon

44 Malbar Road
LE1 2PD Maps-icon
Tel: 0116 255 2615 Tel: 0116 2729518 Tel: 0116 2620355
Opening times: Opening times: Opening times:
Mon-Fri 9.00am-18.00 Mon-Sat 08.00am-10.00pm
Sun 10.00am-4.00pm
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 8.00-18.00
Thurs: 8.00 - 17.00
Sat: 09.00-12.00

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