Student Record System

SITS is the University's central student record system. Members of staff use 'eVision' which is the web based version of SITS. Staff can also use 'Business Objects' which produces reports from SITS.

Access to the student record system 

Members of University staff can request access to the Student Record System and Business Objects by completing the IT Services access request form.

Training on the student record system

Currently eVision training courses are provided for marks entry and curriculum planning. These courses also include training on Business Objects.

Student record system codes

The SITS student record system uses codes set up by central administration. Some eVision screens and Business Objects reports display codes rather than descriptive names. Please view the SITS codes report for definitions.

Problems with the student record system

Technical problems should be reported to IT Services x2253.

Errors with student record data should be reported to the Registry x2448.

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