Strategic Planning - The Planning Process

The University uses a planning process to describe our vision for the future and explain how we intend to get there. The process also helps us to set budgets and account for our use of public funds.

Area Planning - the 2016/17 Planning Round

Cover Image for UEB Planning Process Presentation

A presentation on the Planning Process for 2016-17 was given at UEB on 20th October 2016.

Each PRO (Head of College and the Registrar and COO) and each PRU (Academic Department/ Corporate Services Division) will be expected to produce an Area Plan (template available).

A high level timetable for Area Planning and a full list of PROs and PRUs is also available.

All planning is expected to be done within the framework provided by Academic Codes of PracticeSenate Regulations and Financial Regulations and area plans should tie back to the University's Strategic Plan

Guidance and support for the planning process:

The following guidance notes have so far been released (login required)

Additionally there is a range of support materials available for Heads of Department as well as a series of supporting workshops.

The Strategic Plan

The University's Strategic Plan was released 22 September 2015.  It consists of the overarching strategy, and the discovery-led and discovery-enabling strategies, which were approved by Council over the course of the 2015-16 academic year. The latest versions are shown below however they are likely to be refreshed before Christmas.

In addition there is a draft of a supporting strategy is at a less-advanced stage of development for Corporate Social Responsibility strategy (N.B. this strategy has not yet been approved and will also incorporate Reputation and Profile).

For more details about the emerging planning process please Contact the Planning Team or email

Fee setting and new programme development

The University has a standard fee spine for non-regulated fees and individual courses are allocated to specific points on the spine. Colleges can change the fees for individual courses through an annual consultation exercise.

If you would like to re-think the pricing of one of your courses or develop a new course please contact Imran Awan (x1059).

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