Researcher Development

In line with the Researcher Development Framework we offer academic and research staff, and postgraduate researchers, a range of opportunities to continue their personal, professional and career management development. A robust and evolving training programme is available under the following broad themes:

Research Methods and Methodologies Research Methods and Methodologies

Enrich and build on your research skills and methods through the training and resources we offer.

Research Environment and GovernanceResearch Environment and Governance

If you are about to embark on a research project, there are a broad range of regulations, principles and standards of good practice you need to be aware of and working to achieve.

Impact, Enterprise and Public EngagementImpact, Enterprise and Public Engagement

How can the creativity you bring to research be translated into the world of enterprise? How can you maximise the impact of your research? How to evaluate the impact you are making? Here are workshops and resources to get started.

Career DevelopmentCareer Development

Develop your career and employability skills as a postgraduate researcher, member of research staff or academic staff.

Postgraduate Researcher DevelopmentPostgraduate Researcher Development

These pages offer training and resources to help postgraduate researchers (PGRs) as well as resources for supervisors of PGRs and research degree examiners. PGRs can record their training and supervisory meetings through Postgraduate Record of Student Experience (PROSE).

Research Essentials Online

Research Essentials Online
Explore a suite of interactive resources and live discussions at Research Essentials Online.



Record Your Skills Development in PROSE

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