Blog Entry "The two Russian Presidents?"
In the first of a series of articles about Donald Trump's inauguration, Dr Rob Dover from the School of History, Politics and International Relations discusses Trump's relationship with Russia
Blog Entry 'Donald Trump has set a course for a very stormy relationship with the US intelligence community'
In the second in a series of articles about Donald Trump's inauguration, Dr David Strachan-Morris discusses Trump's relationship with the American intelligence community
Blog Entry Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons: Should We Worry?
In an interview for NTI, Dr Andrew Futter comments on the US's nuclear arsenal and if it is safe from cyberattack
Blog Entry 'Demystifying Trump's Confounding Statements About Nuclear Weapons'
Dr Andrew Futter discusses President Trump's contradictory statements about nuclear weapons in World Politics Review article
Blog Entry The Casey review on opportunity and integration: Re-inventing the wheel
Dr Leah Bassel discusses the Casey review and immigration in an article for Discover Society
Blog Entry Brexit as a backlash against 'loss of privilege' and multiculturalism
Dr Ipek Demir discusses multiculturalism in relation to Brexit in an article for Discover Society
Blog Entry After Brexit - Trump?
Dr Fabian Frenzel discusses the Anti-Trump protests seen across the UK and what they mean for Brexit Britain
Blog Entry Experts read the Brexit white paper – so you don’t have to
Professor Katja Ziegler examines Theresa May's new white paper, which sets out the government's Brexit plan
Blog Entry Doomsday Scenarios? Dangers in conflating Decision with Trump’s Deals
Professor Rolland Munro, from the School of Business, has discussed the problems of calculating President Trump's decision-making process
Blog Entry China’s nuclear weapons policy could be about to radically change
Dr James Samuel Johnson discusses how China could start to move towards a 'war-fighting' nuclear stance
Blog Entry Has the UK reached a tipping point on assisted suicide?
Dr Clark Hobson, from the School of Law, has discussed the potential for legal changes on assisted suicide in the UK
Blog Entry Stoke by-election: why locals feel so frustrated with the candidates on offer
Professor Martin Parker from the School of Business discusses the challenges facing Stoke's next MP
Blog Entry Brexit briefing: Rights to Remain after Brexit
Professor Bernard Ryan, from the School of Law, has discussed the rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK after Brexit
Blog Entry Brexit and Gibraltar: 'To make the case for strong links across the frontier, we must make an appeal to common humanity'
Dr Chris Grocott discusses the fate of Gibraltar in Brexit negotiations in an article for Your Gibraltar TV
Blog Entry The Commonwealth and Britain: the trouble with ‘Empire 2.0’
Dr Stan Neal writes article for The Conversation on how the British Empire facilitated the movement of migrant workers in the 19th century and beyond
Blog Entry "The CIA is in the intensive care room"
Short-term intelligence wins will come at the expense of long-term security, says Dr Athina Karatzogianni
Blog Entry Terrorism and the Responsibility of the Media
Dr Rob Dover discusses the responsibilities of media reporting on terrorist incidents, following the attack on Westminster on 22 March
Blog Entry On the Death of Martin McGuinness
Dr Stephen Hopkins, from the School of History, Politics and International Relations, explores the life and times of controversial Irish republican leader, Martin McGuinness
Blog Entry China’s anti-ship missiles threaten an arms race in the western Pacific
James Samuel Johnson discusses China's new generation of stealthy, supersonic anti-ship missiles
Blog Entry 'Seasonal, unprotected and undocumented': What will post-Brexit immigration look like?
As Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29 March, Dr Fabian Frenzel, from the University's School of Business, discusses the possibilities for post-Brexit immigration
Blog Entry The Ventotene Manifesto and the European Union at sixty
In an article for 'The UK in a Changing Europe', Professor Simona Guerra, examines the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and attitudes towards Brexit following the recent pro-EU march in London
Blog Entry Korean Women and the ‘Cat’s Labour Union’
PhD student Chanhyo Jeong shows and tells about women’s protests in South Korea, an inspiring story of how the relentless power of people can sometimes overturn the most powerful regimes
Blog Entry Is Brexit Britain suffering from an imperial hangover?
Britain's biggest post-Brexit challenge will be dealing with its imperial past, says Dr Stan Neal from the School of History, Politics and International Relations
Blog Entry To finally defeat Boko Haram, Nigeria’s leaders must change their ways
In an article for The Conversation, James Hamill from the School of History, Politics and International Relations discusses how good governance is the most effective antidote to Boko Haram
Blog Entry Dual nationality won’t work for everyone who wants to keep EU citizenship after Brexit
In an article for The Conversation, Oxana Golynker from the School of Law discusses EU citizenship post-Brexit
Blog Entry Gibraltar: enough with the grandstanding
In an article for Prospect Magazine, Dr Chris Grocott discusses the continuing tensions surrounding Gibraltar post-Brexit
Blog Entry Signalling Intent: The US Airstrikes Against Syria
Dr Rob Dover, Associate Professor in Intelligence and International Security, discusses the impact of US airstrikes in Syria
Blog Entry Why it's always 'Russia wot dunnit'
In an article for Spiked, Dr Tara McCormack examines the idea of Russian influence in American and European politics
Blog Entry Post-Referendum Britain: Hopeful or Uncertain?
Dr Simona Guerra writes article for The Policy Space on why it is important to address expectations towards the possible social and economic impact of Brexit
Blog Entry Assisted-dying laws are progressing in some places - the UK isn’t one of them
In an article for The Conversation, PhD Candidate Nataly Papadopoulou from the School of Law discusses how it’s time for the UK to legalise some form of assisted dying
Blog Entry Trump administration seems to be willing to resist seeking any guidance from history
Dr Alex Korb discussed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's comments about the Holocaust and worrying signs of anti-Semitism in populist movements around the world
Blog Entry General Election 2017 - The Lady has turned (again)
Dr Rob Dover discusses Theresa May's surprise announcement of a General Election to be held in June
Blog Entry Expert comment: "It seems highly likely that an innovative and highly secretive cyber war is underway"
Dr Andrew Futter discusses recent tensions between the US and North Korea
Blog Entry People who view television on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone are more likely to be politically swayed
Dr Vincent Campbell comments on the influence of media on political opinions in an article on Fresh Business Thinking
Blog Entry Frexit: how a Le Pen victory could unleash a tsunami of economic volatility
In an article for The Conversation Professor Panicos Demetriades, from the University's School of Business, discusses the implications of a French exit from the EU
Blog Entry As South Africa’s ANC implodes, Thabo Mbeki tries to rewrite his own history
In an article for The Conversation, James Hamill discusses the current political climate in South Africa
Blog Entry Donald’s Disappointing Days: Trump’s First Hundred Days in Office
Dr Andrew Johnstone discusses Donald Trump's successes and failures in an article for Think: Leicester
Blog Entry No, Boris, you don't have the power to go to war
Following comments made by Boris Johnson, Dr Tara McCormack has discussed the parliamentary conventions of British military action in an article for Spiked
Blog Entry Kurds brace for an uncertain future in post-referendum Turkey
Omer Tekdemir from the School of History, Politics and International Relations discusses how the Kurds lack a unified political voice in Turkey
Blog Entry Is it time for the American dream to die?
Paula Serafini, from the CAMEo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies, discusses the success of Donald Trump
Blog Entry High-tech China-US arms race threatens to destabilise East Asia
In an article for The Conversation, Dr James Johnson discusses the threat of conflict in East Asia
Blog Entry "There seems to be a persistent lack of neutral information with worrying concerns on the impact of Brexit"
Dr Simona Guerra discusses repercussions to the UK following Brexit in an interview for La Razón

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