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The News Centre, which consists of the Press Office and Corporate Communications, welcomes news and event information from across the University and provides a central source for media enquiries, both proactively by contacting journalists about our latest research and events, and also reactively by providing expert commentators on a daily basis.

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Celebrating a decade of discoveries with NASA's Swift satellite

Team at UK Swift Science Data Centre, based at the University, pays homage to unique space telescope.

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Geographer highlights postcode lottery over diabetes and obesity risk

Step back in time with new digital resources revealing Leicester's shoemaking past

Expert opinion: The Philae comet landing mission




Postcode lottery uncovered shows risk of developing diabetes or obesity.

Unique project bringing history of shoemaking heritage to light.

Space experts comment on successful Philae mission and future of space research.

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A recipe for success from Great British Bake Off contestant Ali

In this podcast, former Great British Bake Off contestant Ali Imdad discusses how was inspired to bake during his student days at the University of Leicester.

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Rare type of pollen spotted

King Richard III’s death

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys

Scientists have observed a rare type of pollen in the air at levels not seen for more than four decades which could bring further misery for hayfever sufferers.

Video piecing together last moments of King Richard III's life and injuries he sustained at the Battle of Bosworth Field on Aug 22, 1485.

Interview with Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys about the discovery of genetic fingerprinting at the University of Leicester marks 30th anniversary of monumental invention.

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