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A range of staff training and development workshops to help you in developing your skills and knowledge.

New Staff IconNew Staff

Induction information and courses for staff who are new to the University

IT Training IT Training

A variety of short courses to help University staff and PhD students develop their IT skills and make the most effective use of technology for their work and research.

FundingFunding and Remission of Tuition Fees

There are a number of sources of funds for staff development and training activities available within the University.

Leadership and ManagementLeadership and Management

A variety of workshops, advice, online learning and nationally recognised qualifications to support you in your leadership role, including HR Advisory workshops.

Health and SafetyHealth and Safety

Facilitated by the Safety Services Office, we provide a range of health and safety courses.

Researcher DevelopmentResearcher Development

Whether you are looking to understand key research governance issues, acquire new research skills, or looking to bolster your impact profile, we have an offering of workshops and resources to help you get on your way.

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